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Epcot, around the world in a day

May 31, 2017

The world in a day I was thrilled with all that Disney World had to offer; loving the vibrancy and fun, but I really had no idea what to expect from the Epcot Park. It’s a Disney park that I’ve heard much about, but had no idea what it would be like. Epcot is all about celebrating human achievement through advances in technology and showcasing culture throughout the world.

So this was a theme park with an educational twist, you can still meet Disney characters as you mooch along, but with fewer rides. We were happy to eat plenty of internationally themed food and drink – yup, as many beers as you wish while walking in the sunshine all around the world.

I got to virtually visit countries such as Mexico, Japan, France and our dear old England – which is where we snapped these photographs. On the whole the countries depicted seemed quite authentic, but I’m not sure they pulled it off with England, the Disney take on our country amused me- it was utopian and fake …far too sunny, extraordinarily clean and incredibly quiet! Perhaps I’m biased by living in London?

We were joined at Epcot by our friends from back home Jenny and Wayne whose holiday in Florida overlapped ours for a few days. Don’t you love it when coincidence creates that perfect timing? We enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with them and met up on a number of days. Jenny posed with me for some blog snaps — you’ll see more of Jen soon, as you know Dave and I are getting married and next year and she’s doing me the honour of being one of my bridesmaids, exciting!!! I’m also working on some posts to share with y’all soon about how our wedding plans are coming along.

I think this was one of my favourite outfits from the holiday; the crop top I picked up from New Look and the skirt was picked out for me by Dave when we popped into Zara. I originally wanted a gingham skirt but when teamed with the crop top, it looked too cutesy and cow-girlish. As I’m a huge fan of bold floral prints, it was an easy sell. I’m sure it will get plenty of wear over the summer months. My bag perfectly matched this skirt and even my Polaroid camera complimented the print too, (another clever coincidence) – I mean talk about coordination or what!

What I’m wearing-
Skirt & Espadrilles – Zara
Crop Top – New Look
Bag – Vintage, Thrift
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Photos – Shooting Dave

Red Hot

May 27, 2017

It’s my ‘go to phrase’, I know, I hear myself repeating it a lot, but stick with me when I say again about how much I bloody love this dress!

I have been so good this year, I saved up all the ASOS vouchers I was gifted for Christmas and my birthday. It was pretty challenging, seeing dresses I wanted to buy in sales through winter and spring, but I was planning a great holiday wardrobe, so needed to knuckle down save the vouchers for our Florida trip.

Boy am I pleased I did! This red dress is a beaut and if I say so myself, a little bit sexy too. It’s from faithful, good old ASOS; made from a lightweight and cool linen fabric, with a cute bow placed on the bust and such cute cut out detail too. It was the perfect dress to wear in the 37 degree Florida heat – I was melting. It’s hard work to pull off pretty when you’re sweating your butt off, thankfully this dress detracted from the make-up slowly melting off my face 😉

These snaps come to you from Universal Studios; where we spent two days at the parks. It was great fun meeting lots of characters from the books and movies like Beetlejuice, Marilyn Monroe and even The Simpsons. We (of course) took lots of snaps, which I’ll share with y’all in the coming weeks.

We were pretty lucky finding a ‘quiet’ spot to shoot these outfit snaps, easier said than done catching a blog shot without too many people crowding the background, but we managed as it is a theme park, with thousands of sightseers, it’s simply amazing we found a peaceful little spot.

What I’m wearing-
Dress – ASOS
Bag – Vintage
Espadrilles – Zara
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

Photos – Shooting Dave

Sultry Summer

May 24, 2017

Here is the first of many posts from our recent trip to Florida. We had two heavenly weeks in the sunshine state, heavenly!

So this is the first of my holiday look blogs, I’ve got plenty more to share with you, so be sure to stay tuned!

We shot these photographs in the grounds of the hotel, having spent the day at Clearwater – it has an expansive white sandy beach that takes your breath away and just 90 minutes drive away. It was far too hot and humid to stop and take pictures while there (and I looked a meltingly hot mess- you can still see how fluffy my hair is in these snaps) but thankfully by the time we arrived back at the hotel the temperature had cooled down and we were able to capture a few shots. I’m so pleased we were able to snatch them, as I love this look, in fact, I loved wearing this dress on its previous outing during London fashion week. I feel chic and like the effortless vibe created by this dress. It has plenty of detail without being overloaded. Don’t you love the kimono style sleeves and wrap over, I do, it ticks all the boxes, particularly the buttons that run all the way down the front – creating a saucy split.

Keeping my accessories simple – I wanted to let the dress do the talking. I wore leather sandals with a block heel and my old time favourite wicker bag, the chain strap detail is divine.

Summer look done!

What I’m wearing-
Dress – Zara
Bag & Sandals – Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Photos – Shooting Dave

Vintage Camouflage

May 16, 2017


I’m currently sat On our balcony, busy writing up my stateside adventures. You will be reading all about it soon enough; what I have been up to and of course the inspiration for holiday wear during my sunshine break. I’ve been very happy with my wardrobe choices, they worked well for me on my two week sightseeing and relaxing combo, here in Florida.

My trip is drawing to an end, it’s sadly our last full day here in Florida. I checked in on my blog to add some snaps and came across this look that is waiting to be shared. I think of this as a cute outfit, good for wearing on a dull day. I thought I would share this look with you now, as I will be travelling for the next two days, then getting myself straight and shaking off the dreaded jet lag for a couple of days – do you have any suggestion for dealing with jet lag?

In the meantime, here’s a little post for you.

The jacket was a real find, it’s one of a few treasures I picked up on a trip to Paris last year. Don’t you love shopping for clothes abroad- a momento of a happy holiday? Now in truth, I already own a much loved plain khaki army jacket (vintage of course), but I have yearned for one with a camouflage print for the longest time!….you do know that camoflague is one of my favourite prints, don’t you?! I had spent just under an hour searching through the racks of clothes in vintage boutiques, so I was delighted to find the perfect camo jacket! So, when I laid my eyes on this little number – and at the right price, well, I knew it was coming home with me and I still get a rush of pleasure every time I wear it.

This sweet dungaree dress and blouse combo add just the right amount of feminine detail to work the look. It’s been a regular wardrobe ‘go to’ during the cooler months….and now, for the love of pure sass – and sassiness alone – these fake-snake cut out boots are just the business. I was gifted them by the lovely team at ASOS for the Paris trip and wore them to dinner and on evenings out, but I never managed to get the evening lighting correct to create a decent snap. I’ve worn them plenty since, but they should be named Cinderella, because until now they haven’t made it into the blog, funny that? I must make more effort to show them off on here over the summer. I think paired with a dress- either a floaty white one or a black midi would be cute.


What I’m wearing-
Blouse – Oasis
Jacket – Episode Vintage
Fedora – Urban Outfitters
Denim Pinnie – New Look
Bag – Warehouse
Boots c/o ASOS


Photos – Shooting Dave

Holiday Wish List

May 12, 2017

Hey ya’ll, I’m in sunny Florida, USA on holiday. We’re having such a wonderful time. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to virtually join me and stay updated on our adventures during the trip!
Of course I’ll be able to share the trip more fully on the blog when we return back home, but for now, here are a few of the goodies I’ve been lusting over that have provided my holiday outfit inspiration!

This ASOS dress is so dreamy.

I’m not the best swimmer so a pool float is a must and this pink flamingo from New Look is just fabulous for keeping me afloat and looking super stylish at the pool!

It seems I’m totally lusting after gingham this summer, this beautiful ruffle off the shoulder dress is from Shein. Don’t ya think it’ll be perfect for catching some rays while wandering around Disney world!

Just think how cute this hat would look with the dress above? Cute right!

This dress would be perfect with red accessories for an evening meal or some afternoon cocktails, I can see how I would accessories this pretty dress.

I think this straw and pompom bag is just the dreamiest, I’m full on heart eye emojing over this bag! It’s from Shein – they have the best summer gear at the moment!

Keeping it local

May 8, 2017

Last week was so busy, but snatching a day to hang out with Dave was fab, we had such a lovely day hanging out. Having decided to stay local, we took the dog and explored our hood, meandering past the tube station by the common and along Tooting Broadway,taking in the sights and sounds of the lively market day. We stopped off at Boom Bap Burgers for a delicious lunch — and let me tell you, boy were the burgers yummy? Like really nice. My mouth is watering now, just looking through these snaps.

After devouring lunch, we mooched around the market stalls and stumbled on this little side alley. I was amazed by the wonderfully crazy graffiti and naturally saw a photo opportunity. We headed along to find the best light for that perfect shot spot. I like graffiti, the mix of chaos and control. I think the tones woven through the art work really drew out the coloured embroidery on this pullover (which has been promoted to a current favourite of mine).

What I’m wearing –
Jumper – Zara
Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel Co.
Skirt c/o Super Dry
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Vintage Trainers – Episode Vintage

Having worked up a thirst, we ambled to our beloved coffee shop-meets bar, it’s our local, called The Graveney and Meadow and best of all its dog friendly so Coco gets to hang out too . We spent the afternoon sipping drinks, Dave, Americano coffee. Me, the usual sweet hot chocolate and Coco’s preferred refreshment, water. We relaxed listening to live music and soaking up the atmosphere. It was such a lovely chilled day and so precious to spend quality time with Dave, especially as just lately we have been like ships, passing in the night. Our crazy work schedules have not been well aligned recently, so this time together was the best.

I can’t wait to spend two whole weeks on holiday in the warm, scratch that, in the very hot Florida sunshine with him! Speak soon.

Photos – Shooting Dave

New Beauty Favorites

May 5, 2017

I’ve recently updated a couple bits from my daily skin care regime. Whilst I was at it, I gave my make up routine a rethink too.

I thought I would share them with you.

While out on a shopping trip with my girl Josie, we came across a beautiful skin care store in East London’s Old Spitafields Market, do you know the one? It’s called The Deciem, they also sell their goodies via ASOS – so you non London folk don’t miss out. I picked up moisturiser, silicone primer and solution acid for blemish-prone skin, all for £12. What a bargain purchase, I know! So far I’m loving them, the solution acid is great for drying out my blemish’s. I mix the primer with my foundation which helps make the coverage last that bit longer. I’m really impressed with the quality and price of all three items, also check out the boxes- that is some beautiful Scandi packaging right there my friend.

Whilst mooching, I picked up a new foundation from Clinque, I chose the ‘Beyond Perfecting’ which is an all-in-one foundation and concealer. Its the one the beautician used for my LFW make over, I loved the coverage. Truthfully, I’ve been stalking it and simply needed to get my hands on one of my own!

I treated myself to a new blusher from No 7, the colour caught my eye, it is just perfect and you know how it is -new blusher – new lippy. I stayed true to my roots with Chanel of course, it’s hard to beat.

Finally, I have taken to buying bathroom soap from TK Max, they have such a wide range of great scents at fantastic prices. This rose soap is just de-vine. It has a strong, long lasting floral fragrance, that isn’t overbearing, I do love a floral scent!
That’s all my updating done for now.