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A White Christmas…

December 23, 2012

WhiteDress11WhiteDressWhiteDress4We Didn’t Get Snow But I Got A White Dress –

Lately I’ve been drawn to a more whimsical and gothic look, not my usual style but one thats slowly creeping into my wardrobe. This dress is oh so prefect for a adding a little whimsical charm to my style. It’s from Topshop and I first brought the black version and loved it so much that I went back and got the white one too! The lace detail and high neckline has a victorian gothic feel to it yet the white floaty fabric makes me feel dreamy. You will see the black version on Christmas day, in a very special post 🙂


What I’m wearing –

Coat, Cardigan & Bag – Vintage

Dress, Belt & Boots – Topshop

Hat – H&M

Necklace – DIYWhiteDress9WhiteDress2WhiteDress7

Photos – Shooting Dave

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  1. December 24, 2012 7:36 am

    Hi Amy, love your style and looking gorgeous in this outfit. You’re simply “Awesome”. Merry Christmas and may God’s grace be with you. Hope you & your family have a wonderful Holiday &…A Happy New Year !


  2. December 24, 2012 2:44 pm

    I love this look on you! The white with your dark hair is stunning.


  3. December 24, 2012 8:00 pm

    1. I absolutely adore that bag.
    2. That hat and those locks are just killing it!
    3. The photographer has outdone himself!
    4.Why did I just fall in love with your blog?

    Well whatever the answer to that question of mine, I am in love and all I can say is thanks!


  4. jonathanochart permalink
    December 28, 2012 8:10 am

    Obsessed with that B&W jacket and bag…

    – Jonathan I


  5. January 1, 2013 11:08 pm

    Its so sad christmas is over but i now have your blig.. Your style is perfect
    . Infact ive just dobe some post simular to this one!


  6. February 11, 2013 2:11 am

    I really love that bag! So cute. Also white is such a great color on you, I think it is because your hair is so dark. Love your post.
    Xoxo Sara


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