Lately the weather has been some what unpredictable and never knowing what to wear. I’ve been caught out wearing my rain  jacket on very sunny days and then on sunny days that turn rainy I’ve been wearing my denim jacket. We’re having the odd summery day followed by plenty of rainy and starting to get chillier days. Even with the last burst of summery days, I’m now feeling fall is here. We took these on a very rainy then sunny day but it was chilly, I longed for my furry scarf and regretted letting the sun trick me into thinking it was warm out!

I’ve got a couple of days left on my student card till it runs out for ever 🙁 so I’ve been buying things ready for autumn and winter. These little boots and this skirt are two new purchases, I love the little boots and I’ve got great black winter boots but as I’m sure your all aware of I love brown and tan so I hardly wore my black boots. I’m hoping I’ll wear the dark chocolate brown boots all the time and as I love the lace ups, the height of them and the style. Mixing the more autumn pieces like the boots and the skirt, which is going to be a key colour for autumn with my more summery floral top is helping my transition between seasons run smoothly. (you can hardly see the floral top in these shots but click here and here to see it in more detail) I’m still looking for the perfect winter coat, unsure of what style to get? What’s your top tip for buying a winter coat, or have you already brought yours?

What I’m Wearing –

Jacket, Skirt & Cardigan – H&M

T-shirt – Topshop

Hat – Market Stall

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Belt – Vintage

Boots – Office

Photos – Dave Cox


  1. August 29, 2010 / 8:32 pm

    I know exactly what you mean, the weather has been so changeable lately its a total nightmare. I carry sunglasses and an umbrella at all times. As for winter coats, I have my eye on so many – I always do but I’m not ready to commit just yet. Coat are so essential in this climate, right? I’d say buy as expensive and well made as you can afford that way it will last you more than one winter.

  2. September 2, 2010 / 11:17 pm

    is that a terrier? v cute, i have a cairn

    • September 3, 2010 / 9:56 am

      Yeah Coco’s a Yorkshire terrier, is a cairn the bigger scruffier version of a yorkie or is it the soft brown and tan version? Either way I think the whole terrier family is cute!

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