So all I’ve wanted for Christmas this year has been the perfect party dress.

It’s always my yearly dilemma of ‘what does one wear?’ Or more importantly “what does one wear that no one else will be wearing?’

These dresses are my short list for this New Years Eve. There’s a mix of Topshop from this year and past years, vintage dresses and accessories.

Polka-dot Play Suit : Topshop

Red Poppy Flower :Accessories

Red Bag : Vintage

Boots : Office

As it’s the party season, it’s always a concern on mine that I’ll be at a party wearing the dress I loved and been looking forward to wearing for months, to only find that some one else is wearing the same thing!!

Cream Lace Dress :Topshop

Belt :Charity Shop

Clutch Bag :Flea Market

Boots :Office

My winning formula is mix vintage with high street to create a unique look to you…

I love to make a statement with my party dress, I always think bold striking dresses are great. They work best for New Year parties, if your not one for bold coloured dresses try teaming bright accessories to give your outfit a fun element.

I’ve gone for a colour pallet of black, white, red, cream and grey.

I love the playful-ness of the red accessories with the polka dot play suit, I love the mini mouse feel to the outfit.

Velvet Cardigan : Topshop

Red Dress : Second Hand Store

Belt :H&M

Boots :Office

Velvet Dress : Topshop

Grey Lace Cardigan :Topshop

Boots :Office

Polka-dot Dress :Vintage

Faux Fur Scarf : Charity Shop

Belt :Principles

Boots :Office

The tricky part is now deciding which dress to wear over the feastive season, luckily I’ve already got my Christmas day dress sorted, It’s a present from my boyfriend so makes it extra specail to wear.

Its now just choosing my New Years party dress!! My favorite’s are the Polka-dots so its between the play suit and dress, I will defiantly putting red accessories with the one I choose..

With the choice of what to wear whittled down to two options making it a lot easier on the day. Let me know how your party dress decisions go!!

With it being Christmas eve and the  festive season is truly in full swing, I can relax safe in the knowledge  I wont  be stressing over my party dress in days to come, all is left to do is…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!


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