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Don’t Block The

June 19, 2017

Every now and then, Dave and I produce a set of images that I’m really proud of. It’s when the location and outfit work together in perfect harmony. This shoot was just that, it’s serendipity – granted it’s not a particularly special outfit, in fact, it’s what I wore when we went for burgers on Friday night, but it felt comfy as hell and I felt like a badass wearing it.
As you know, I like to keep it real on my blog and wear my clothes in many environs. Like most people, I can’t afford to buy new clothing all the time and I guess I like to stick to my vintage roots by recycling and reinventing new ways to wear lots of outfits.

I cannot wear what I want to work. Its tricky working for a high street store, where we are required to wear the brand at work. I like to dress ‘my way’ and it’s slowly pushing out all my treasured vintage gems (and my style evolution) but I will go into that in another post very soon.

Back to this look and fab location; we shot an outfit on Saturday, which I’ve been thinking up for over a week, but on the day, it just didn’t turn out on paper how I envisioned. I guess it didn’t help that I was pulling funny faces in every snap. Truth is, some days I just can’t pose and the vibe doesn’t work or at other times, the outfit just hasn’t captured well on camera, funny how that happens!? Maybe I’ll re shoot Saturday’s look or maybe I’ll just post it and see what you think as I might just be giving myself a hard time being over tough on myself?

How’s Instagram for you? Lately I’ve been getting a bit down with the fluctuations of blogging and Instagram, well, mainly with Instagram. I love my core followers, but sometimes wonder what’s going on… I can gain 20+ followers and lose 15+ daily, it’s so confusing and frustrating. I know it’s about quality followers over fake followers and I shouldn’t care about numbers, but I do and so do the PR companies that I work with, they are all about the numbers, not necessarily the content.
What are your thoughts on all of this? I miss the days when Instagram was fun and not a competitive reflection of my blogging abilities. It just feels like everyone has moved away from reading blogs and they are just on Instagram now. For me, I like to connect with people.

For now I’m just pleased with how dope and badass bitchin’ I look in this post and won’t give a crap about stats and follower counts!

What I’m wearing –

Dress c/o Boohoo

Boots c/o Warehouse

Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters

Army Jacket – Episode Vintage

Bag – Topshop

Socks – Oasis

Photos – Shooting Dave

Creating a smokey eye with e.l.f

June 17, 2017

I was lucky enough to receive a clay eyeshadow palette from e.l.f called Saturday Sunset to be precise. This fun palette is versatile and will take you from an easy, casual day time look through to an after work change of pace – for a flirty, smokey evening vibe, so cool!

For its first road test, I hoped to create a smokey look. I must confess, I bloody love make up (and make up shopping) but I think I’m pretty conventional, as I usually stick to what I know works for me – bold red Chanel lipstick and then I dab, literally, a basic nude base shade across my eye lids and a quick touch of eyeliner. It was helpful for me as a make- up novice, to follow the guidelines on the perspex cover.

I tend to shy away from colour eye shadows, I guess I haven’t really experimented; and when I say I dab, I’m being honest, I literally dab it on. I’ would love to be one of those girls who has perfected the pussy cat look with eye liner – alas, I’m not that girl. That said, I had plenty of fun getting creative and playing around with this e.l.f palette, plus I think the base shade will be perfect for daily wear.

For this look I started with the base shade, stroking it across my lid. I then began layering colour along the lid, blending this gorgeous metallic bronze from the centre and on into the corner of my eye. I also coaxed a little of this bronze colour along the inner lid of my lower lashes.
Using the shade marked crease, I brushed the powder along the eyelid crease directly below my brow bone, this created definition.
Next I applied the line shade with a fine brush, just close to my lash line, then smudged it outwards for a smokey effect.
The eye look was completed with a gentle sweep of highlighter along the brow line.

Eyes done, so to finish my over all look I applied my new Chanel Rouge lippy – it’s the Allure Velvet range, number 47, beautifully named L’amoureuse, which translates as amorous. Now this lipstick shade is new for me, it’s more pink and a darker shade than I usually wear. It’s one of my new summer shades, I’m still getting used to it but I do rather like it.

So here I am, all done! Ta-dah!
It’s fun trying out new make up and finding ways of introducing colour to my green eyes. Watch out for more new looks as I get adventurous.

e.l.f  Clay Eyeshadow

Sephora Concelar & blusher, highlighter and contour pallet

Kiko Mascara

Chanel lip stick & powder


Retro Adidas

June 15, 2017

Here’s a taste of the clothing purchases I made while on my recent holiday. In amongst the goodies I picked up are two pairs of trainers and a couple of cute retro style tops.

Today’s look is showcasing a new pair of Stan Smith Adidas trainers and to complete the theme, a classic lil’ red and white Adidas tee.

Firstly, let’s talk footwear. These trainers are so slick and I love the fun addition of a leopard print heel detail! This is my first pair of Stan Smiths and I very much doubt they will be my last.

Now lets turn our attention to this little tee, I love how retro it is, with a kind of 70s vibe…. I really dig it. To keep true to the era, I teamed it up with my button down denim skirt and classic leather jacket. For an added injection of fun I’m wearing my much loved Zara patch bag.

What I’m wearing-
T-shirt & Trainers – Adidas
Skirt – Oasis
Bag – Zara
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Socks – Topshop
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom

June 13, 2017

In these snaps taken in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you can see that Clare (my BFF) and I are ‘twinning’ our outfits.

Here’s the lowdown…whilst preparing for this holiday, I enjoyed planning and discussing the sightseeing itinerary, but in truth, I truly loved talking endlessly with Clare about our outfit choices. We worked out a holiday fashion theme, chose colour palettes, played around with style and silhouette, with bags, shoes, hats and neckerchief. Hours of joy and I think we created a happy vibe for our holiday. It was delightful.

As you’ve read in my previous post, for some time I had saved my precious vouchers received as gifts and treated myself to a whole new holiday wardrobe. I am so pleased I did as it really paid off. This Bardot dress caught my eye, it’s from Miss Selfridge. I found it when mooching through the ASOS website (as you do) for something floral. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy browsing on ASOS, I value the convenience of a seeing a wide range of brands all in one place. The clever people at ASOS have your goodies delivered in just one order, so it makes fashion shopping a breeze, whilst I’m sat snuggled up at home, with a cuppa in hand … no leg work. Ideal!

When my parcel arrived, I was delighted to see just how perfect this lil’ beauty was in real life. I knew it was a winner for Disney and I hope to wear it throughout the coming summer months.

Now, let me tell you about my best friend Clare, she is an absolute H&M devotee, we were chatting away, as we do, planning her outfits and swiping through the H&M website. I zoomed in on this gorgeous spotty dress, loving the vibrant shade of red! It’s so bang on Bardot style trend and I thought it would work perfectly for Clare…. but she wasn’t convinced at first. However, after a lot of cajoling, she was persuaded to order it. I’m glad she did, as I t was a real hit on holiday and she loved it. Clare was chuffed with her choice and I was too as it helped our twinning goal come true!
After all, if you can’t twin with you’re bestie at Disney World, the place where dreams come true….where on earth can you?

I’m now counting the days till I next see my BFF, wishing we lived closer, but it won’t be long till we go and visit for a weekend. For now though, I am reliving happy memories of our wonderful holiday, through these colourful snaps.

Photos – Shooting Dave

Summer Goth

June 10, 2017

I think this look perfectly sums up my love of being a Summer Goth. I’ve always loved a good fabric print but I secretly adore wearing black clothing. I am experiencing something of a change of style having noticed a braver approach to my wardrobe. I have just written a post all about my evolving style, which I plan to share with you in the coming months. I’m working on something fun for the photographs in my blog, that depict my thoughts, well I say thoughts, they are more like ramblings I guess… y’all have that to look forward to 😉

Back to my summer goth analogy, let’s face it, I wore an all black outfit on a day when temperatures reached 36 degrees. I began the day with a bandana tied neatly around my neck, (see full summer goth), however I took a chain strap handbag out with me, full of heavy holiday nick-nacks and as the day went on, the chain strap dug into my arm – ouch! I was suffering for my love of fashion, lol. Remedy – I took the bandana and wrapped it around the handle to protect my sore skin. The only problem with that solution was how hot I felt around my neck. I began to perspire there, which is something I’ve never experienced before.

Even with such long thick locks, I only occasionally get warm along my hair line. Well just look at how much hair I have…. its inevitable I suppose. This heat was unbearable – and I probs have over-shared a little too much info for y’all. Oops! If it wasn’t for the bag issue, I would have persisted with total dedication to my black ‘goth look’.

Its’ pop quiz time – Lets see if you too are a Summer Goth?

Say aye, if you fit the following statements

I wear……

– All black or dark colour outfits, even in the summertime.

– Leather/pleather jackets on hot days.

– Fedoras, hats, scarves.

– Ankle boots or any boots.

– Bandanas or neckerchief.

If you said yes to most of these then your in my gang!

Even if I was a little overheated, I had a fun day at the Disney Hollywood Studios. I really I enjoyed our Star Wars visit, particularly meeting Storm Troopers and the amazingly tall Chewbacca – I bet they were melting inside those costumes.

Dave captured a great snap of Chewie the legendary Wookiee warrior, he was Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon, take a peek here. We queued up to meet him, as you do, it is Chewie after all, how often do you meet a Wookiee? Once our official group photo had been taken, Dave took a couple of cheeky snaps on his own camera. Chewie (without saying one legible word) gesticulated to Dave, indicating he wanted to look at the snaps – and from his reaction, wasn’t best pleased with the results. He pointed to the place where he wanted Dave to position himself to take photos from and then Chewie threw some shapes and poses, as Dave snapped away. Once again, Chewie came over to review the pictures, happy with the results he patted Dave on the back and made his infamous Wookiee howl. It was such brilliant fun and I loved every “sweltering” minute.

What I’m wearing-
Dress c/o Superdry
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Bandana – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave

Club Tropicana

June 6, 2017

This tropical jumpsuit is a recent purchase for me and it was a perfect addition to my holiday ensemble. It was the right outfit to wear for a day of exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I teamed it up with my much beloved espadrilles and pulled the whole look together with a little vintage bag.

There are three reasons why this jumpsuit was perfect for the sweltering Florida heat; the culotte style bottom half ensured my legs didn’t chaff. The V shaped neckline is cool and very flattering for my silhouette – and lastly, the print…. I love a tropical print, in fact I think I’m currently addicted to tropical prints. Yup, guilty as charged, even the Zara skirt featured in my last post was a tropical little number too, but hey – that’s summertime fashion for you.

There are some changes going on with me though, during my holiday to the States I wore a number of styles which in the the past I would rarely go for, namely sleeveless numbers and lower V shaped neck lines. I recognise that these are two things I have avoided when buying new clothing and truthfully, I’m not sure why, its habit I guess?.

This year however, when choosing my holiday wardrobe I conquered these phobias and now it feels as if they never existed in the first place and sleeveless dresses and lower neck lines have snook into my wardrobe and made themselves right at home there. I’m pretty pleased with myself for overcoming such silly fears.

I wonder if you have gone through a similar experience and conquered any of your clothing phobias? I’d love to hear about what changes you have made and how you overcame your hang ups.

Let’s enjoy our clothes!

What I’m wearing-
Jumpsuit – Oasis
Bag – Vintage, Thrift
DKNY Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Shop
Espadrilles – Zara

 Photos – Shooting Dave

Epcot, around the world in a day

May 31, 2017

The world in a day I was thrilled with all that Disney World had to offer; loving the vibrancy and fun, but I really had no idea what to expect from the Epcot Park. It’s a Disney park that I’ve heard much about, but had no idea what it would be like. Epcot is all about celebrating human achievement through advances in technology and showcasing culture throughout the world.

So this was a theme park with an educational twist, you can still meet Disney characters as you mooch along, but with fewer rides. We were happy to eat plenty of internationally themed food and drink – yup, as many beers as you wish while walking in the sunshine all around the world.

I got to virtually visit countries such as Mexico, Japan, France and our dear old England – which is where we snapped these photographs. On the whole the countries depicted seemed quite authentic, but I’m not sure they pulled it off with England, the Disney take on our country amused me- it was utopian and fake …far too sunny, extraordinarily clean and incredibly quiet! Perhaps I’m biased by living in London?

We were joined at Epcot by our friends from back home Jenny and Wayne whose holiday in Florida overlapped ours for a few days. Don’t you love it when coincidence creates that perfect timing? We enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with them and met up on a number of days. Jenny posed with me for some blog snaps — you’ll see more of Jen soon, as you know Dave and I are getting married and next year and she’s doing me the honour of being one of my bridesmaids, exciting!!! I’m also working on some posts to share with y’all soon about how our wedding plans are coming along.

I think this was one of my favourite outfits from the holiday; the crop top I picked up from New Look and the skirt was picked out for me by Dave when we popped into Zara. I originally wanted a gingham skirt but when teamed with the crop top, it looked too cutesy and cow-girlish. As I’m a huge fan of bold floral prints, it was an easy sell. I’m sure it will get plenty of wear over the summer months. My bag perfectly matched this skirt and even my Polaroid camera complimented the print too, (another clever coincidence) – I mean talk about coordination or what!

What I’m wearing-
Skirt & Espadrilles – Zara
Crop Top – New Look
Bag – Vintage, Thrift
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Photos – Shooting Dave