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Black & Blue Restaurant Review

March 27, 2017

Whilst blogging LFW, Lois and I were invited to review the amazing Black & Blue restaurant under the arches at Waterloo (a girl has to eat!) It’s now on my hit list of favourite eateries, I have to be honest, this food heaven, famed for their steaks for over 25 years is new discovery for me. I was surprised to find their menu offered so much variety, much more than steak, there was fish, chicken, prawns, ribs, burgers and vegetarian options too, we were very much spoilt for choice As I write this post, I wish I was back at Black & Blue, cutlery in hand, glass of vino, ready to tuck in to that memorable meal. I will have to settle instead for the humble tuna salad I prepared for supper.*insert rolling eyes emoji here*. 

It’s a welcoming restaraunt, bright and modern decor and attentive service. Whilst perusing the menu, I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, Black & Blue have an exclusive agreement with Ellis of Richmond and offer a superb quality wine list at reasonable prices. Lois was in the mood for something different and chose her favourite tipple – Baileys on ice.

 It was easy to relax at our table, there was a friendly vibe and attentive staff. So menus at the ready and drinks in hand we chatted away happily, debating on the deal breaker. You know the one, it’s always a tough decision when eating out with friends – starter or pudding? So, scissors, paper, stone later – we opted for starters.

It proved to be an excellent choice as my satay chicken skewers were moist and packed with flavour, it’s a dish I love when cooked well, but I rarely seen on a menu these days. Lois opted for a poached egg on a bed of asparagus spears, smothered with Hollandaise sauce and Parmesan shavings. The food not only looked incredible, it was incredible; we took the snaps and demolished the lot in matter of minutes…. I guess taking photos works up quite the appetite.

Now, I was never a much of a red meat eater and it’s only in the last few years I’ve become a convert to steak Some may say I’m picky, but I’m just not happy if meat is bloody, I can’t face rare meat. Lois, on the other hand loves her steak served as pink and tender as possible, we are complete opposites.

I’ve also come to realise that there’s an etiquette to ordering steak in a restaraunt, there are so many choices of cut, cooking style and then a sauce or naked? As a novice, my lack of knowledge hinders my confidence. I like to request my steak served well done, but I have felt embarrassed in the past when a snooty waiter questions my choice…well done?….and I mean really well done!

On this occasion, as we were eating in the best steak joint in town, I was brave and asked for my steak to be cooked as I like it, plus our lovely waiter didn’t make any remarks about my wimpish blood phobia and helpfully talked us through the many different cuts and choices on offer. All of which are traditionally hung and aged for 28 days to ensure we enjoy the perfect steak.

We both decided on a fillet cut, mine came with a buttery garlic glaze whilst Lois chose a fragrant peppercorn sauce, accompanied by plenty of crispy chips and this huge portion of mixed leaves with Emmental cheese and loads of walnuts, (my personal fave), but Lois isn’t a huge fan, so I happily munched through the whole salad bowl. I was a happy and very full bunny! The steak was melt in your mouth perfection. What more can I say?

 We had such a wonderful and relaxing lunch date, with great service and equally good food. Sufficed and stuffed to the brim, it was soon time to dash back to the madness of fashion week. Thank you to the wonderful staff at The Black & Blue restaurant, Waterloo Arches for looking after us so well. From a newbie to convert, I highly recommend that you treat yourself soon and find your local restaraunt, visit the website here.

Black & Blue
1 Mepham Street,

Photos by Lois & Amy

Make Up Plus Event LFW

March 23, 2017

During LFW we attended the Make-Up Plus event and had an absolute blast! It was fun hanging out in the Lights of Soho Bar, it’s quite quirky, well worth a visit, and right up my street, /after all, I am a woman who appreciates a neon sign!) It was the perfect venue for networking, we caught up with lots of fashion friends and then squeezed in a spot of pampering when Lolo and I were persuaded to have our hair and make up done. Feeling pretty, were ready to rock LFW.

It was great to learn more about the Make-Up Plus app, such a fun way to test out different make up looks -and the app is free to download… what’s not to love? All you do is take a selfie using the app, then apply the filters to test out the various looks. So for example, if like me, you only wear red lipstick, well this is a great way to test out whether a hot pink shade could suit you. What’s cooler still, if you like the make up you’ve tested in your selfie, you will soon be able to click and make a purchase. It couldn’t be simpler, what a great way to buy the products used. Curious? Lois and I tell you a bit more about the Make-Up Plus app in our LFW Day One video, check it out here.

Now, just take a look at all these gorgeous Clinique products, I seriously wish this was my own make up collection. Our look was created by talented Emily, using the dreamy Clinique range. I’ve actually invested in the foundation she chose for me as it offers great coverage and the ideal shade (I’ll do a beauty post with all the details on this soon!).

The delightful Ian from Revlon Professional tackled our barnets’. He used a large curling wand to create soft tasseled curls in Lolo’s hair, before turning his attention to taming my natural curls; we then had cute braids woven in for good measure. It’s safe to say that after our pampering, we were ready to take on anything the fashion world had to throw at us… and we felt as sassy AF 😉

Photos by Lois and Amy.

Dorsett Hotel, Sheperds Bush

March 20, 2017


London Fashion Week was a busy affair, hectic in parts, so we set up base in the sumptuous, centrally located Dorsett Hotel, situated in the heart of Sheperds Bush. This made it so easy to access ‘all areas fashion’. The. Hotel was handy for us to hop on the nearby Central Line tube to get to shows and events, then back to the hotel for a pit stop, lunch and out again for round two without any fuss.

I appreciate the attention to detail consistent of The Dorsett Hotel team, theres an elegant yet modern Japanese vibe that flows throughout the building. The interior decor is soothing yet stylish; it truly calms the senses, espousing tranquility. The Dorsett Hotel was the perfect choice for us, enjoying the ambience for drinks, before heading to our room for a restful night.

As we settled into our room, we were unpacking (and bouncing on the beds) when there was a knock at the door, we were greeted by a friendly member of staff, delivering this beautiful tray of fresh fruit, bottled water and chocolate brownies for us. What a welcome, The Dorsett sure knows how to make a gal feel special!

amy_015 amy_020

Our stunning room oozes wow factor, with daylight streaming through vast, magnificent windows; quite an unexpected bonus and perfect for gazing out on the busy London life of Shepherds Bush. As you can see, we have a bathroom to die for, let’s just acknowledge the double basin, the beauty of this bathroom gives me love, I mean… we each had our own basin. I’m telling you, this is living the dream right here!
We enjoyed the best nights sleep in comfy beds, seriously important after a busy day at LFW. After being on my feet all day, I was ready for bed and slept well. I was so cosy, I really didn’t want to get out of bed the next morning.


No hotel stay is complete without breakfast in bed, am I right? We opted for classic fruit salad, cereal, toast and croissants, washed own with a nice cuppa. Now let me tell you, The Dorsett granola was deliciously yummy, actuality all the food was! Full to the brim, we headed out, rested, restored and ready to take on day two of LFW..

amy_176 amy_179 amy_219amy_227

Dorsett Hotel
58 Shepherds Bush Green,
W12 8QE

amy_217amy_221 amy_216 amy_226amy_236amy_208 amy_241amy_222 amy_248amy_224 amy_255 amy_284amy_210amy_277

Thank you to the Dorsett Hotel for a wonderful stay, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Photos by Lois and Amy

Mimi & Lolo Day One

March 8, 2017

I have lots more Fashion Week posts coming but in the mean time, why not check out our video showing what Lolo and I got up to on our  first day at London Fashion Week.

If you would like to keep up to date with what Mimi &a Lolo get up to, follow us on Instagram and YouTube!

LFW Look 1: Double Floral

March 5, 2017


I must say, I bloody loved this look and felt sassy as hell in it. I think it’s a combination of things that goes into creating sassiness; let’s break it down, I think this embroidered jumper is everything, I adore the colours within the embroidery and those sleeve, just look at those sleeves! I must admit, I’m not usually one for wearing a maxi dress, I find they swamp me and make my hips look large, but I think I have now found the exception to the rule, due mainly to the large split down the front of this number, the little flash of leg also helps to break up the print.

If you have followed my blog for a while you’ll know about my current love of ankle socks, so when I spotted this pair of fishnet ankle socks, yep you guessed it, they had to be mine! I popped on a pair of Vans, (purely for comfort), I was digging how they looked and boy was I happy I opted for them. I am so glad I wore them for LFW, it made running between shows, shoots and lunch dates pure ease.

Lets all take a moment to ogle over my new arm candy, this Cambridge Satchel, Cloud bag is beyond dreamy. It even has my nickname Mimi embossed onto it *insert heart eyes emoji* I’m so in love. I picked the cloud design in the new seasons shade of terracotta and a new grain textured leather. I opted for gold coloured embossing to match bags guilt hard wear. Lois and I choose little stars to accompany our nicknames. We didn’t plan it but I love how we’ve ended up with the same colour bags, making us like twins. The cloud and colour palette offers a modern twist on a traditional, classic satchel  look.


Leather Jacket c/o ASOS

Jumper & Dress – Zara

Cloud Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel Co.

Trainers – Vans Socks – Topshop

DKNY 4109 Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Shop

lois_day_1_149 Photos by Lolo

Lunch Date at Ceru, South Kensington

March 2, 2017


On a busy first day of London Fashion Week, Lois and I stopped by the beautiful CERU in South Kensington for a deliciously fresh and incredibly tasty lunch date.  It was the perfect pit stop in between the hustle and bustle of fashion shows. We had quite the feast and opted for a tapas style lunch, sharing delicious small plates. I highly recommend the Crisp Apple, Mint & Pomegranate Salad. You will see the dishes we chose below. I also recommend the chicken shish and rose scented lamb skewers (we shared half each) and they were so good! The menu is gluten free (except the breads). It’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters and pescetarians too, there’s plenty on the menu for everyone.

Let me tell you a little more about Ceru with a note from the founder Barry Hilton:

“I have lost track of how many days and nights I have spent eating and drinking my way around the various countries that form the Levant. Encouraged by Levent Kayapehlivan who I met in a backstreet café near the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, I was inspired to create a flavour journey that provides an insight into the rich food heritage of the region. The menu at CERU uses authentic ingredients and cooking methods, but without the need to faithfully recreate well known dishes. It has been great fun — I hope you enjoy eating it, as much as I did creating it”.

amy_076 amy_078 amy_079 amy_083

What we had –

Homemade Lemonades, Apple, Cucumber & Mint

Rose Scented Kebab Skewers

Chicken Shish Taouk

Fried Halloumi & Grilled Red Peppers

Roasted Aubergine with Chermoula

Roasted Pumpkin

Spiced Warm Cauliflower & Walnut Salad

Crisp Apple, Mint & Pomegranate Salad

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Sour cherries & pistachio


The restaurants interior perfectly represents it’s Levant roots (The countries that form the Levant border the furthest eastern coastal shores of the Mediterranean and can loosely be described as the crossroads of Western Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Northeast Africa and Northwest Arabia).

The interiors decoation is carefully curated with touches from the Levant woven through the tiles, fabrics creating layering of textures.  The glasses are delicate, the colourful crockery and serving dishes are all sourced from the Eastern Mediterranean.

This may sound odd but you must see the bathroom, it is simply beautiful.  I’ve included a snap of the sinks and the flooring – truly breathtaking and I highly recommend taking your phone in with you for a mirror selfie when paying a visit.

I will visit CERU again and take a group of friends too. It’s a place that you could never tire of.

amy_118amy_102amy_130OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  7-9 Bute Street,

South Kensington,



amy_105amy_116OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA amy_123 amy_124

Thank you  Ceru for having us, it was the perfect lunching spot between fashion shows.

photos by Lois and Amy

LFW Day One

February 28, 2017


On the menu today- a whistle stop heads up introduction to our LFW experience, with many more blogs to come.

First stop on day 1 of our LFW experience was a beauty event, Lois and I visited the very trendy Lights of Soho Make-up Plus. It was a great start to the day, getting us ‘fashion week ready’ with a pamper treatment. There’s nothing quite like having your make-up done and hair styled to make a girl feel fabulous. We looked perfect for our day of dashing about London town, with no need to pit stop for a touch up. This is just a taster, I will be telling you all about our time hanging out at the Make-up Plus event in more detail later.


Next stop, we pitched up at the stylish Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush, London. Half of LFW seemed to have the same idea, it was the place to be seen. It’s the perfect hotel choice for both business and leisure. It was comfy and stylish, giving us a base to work from and also relax. Those who read my blog know how I like the fusion of modern architecture and retro design; the Dorset was originally a Grade II listed building, which overlooks Shepherds Bush Green, now tastefully redeveloped, retaining the historic facade. The hotel has 2 restaurants, Jin (金) bar and a spa. Our room was lush and we were welcomed by this beautiful fresh fruit feast!


We wouldn’t be fashion bloggers without documenting what we wore! We popped out to South Kensington, using the beautiful properties as our backdrop. Whilst in the vicinity, we had a superb lunch date at CERU a Levant styled restaurant. I can’t wait to share with y’all all about this gem, our food was amazing! More on this very soon 😉

What Lois is wearing-
Coat – Monki
Jumper – Coach
Bag – Anya Hindmarch
Shoes – Gucci
Miu Miu Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Jeans & Shirt – Zara

What I’m wearing-
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Jumper & Dress – Zara
Cloud Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel Co.
Trainers – Vans
Socks – Topshop
DKNY 4109 Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Shop

No matter how manic our schedule, there’s always time to stop for a cute doggy snap. We met this adorable little fella whilst snapping our outfit pictures. He was so cute and immediately rolled over to have his belly rubbed. Coco would have loved him (and truth be told) I would have happily taken him home!


This lovely magical moment happened at the close of The Paul Costelloe show. After receiving a huge cheer from the crowd Paul stepped forward and danced with one of the models, it was such a wonderful moment to witness.


Show over, cameras in hand, Lois and I hotfooted it over to The Turkish Embassy, the interior building is beautiful. We were here to see the Zeyna Kartal show. I have to admit to being entranced by the darling shades featured here, particularly dusty pink hues and big at the moment, emerald green. The textures added something extra, particularly the tiered lace dresses. I must say I loved the dusky pinks, oh so dreamy! It was all very eye catching and memorable.


Weary from our shenanigans, we headed back to our base at the stylish Dorsett Hotel for drinks and delicious dinner; full and satisfied, we were so ready for the comfy bed awaiting us! You get pretty beat running around, catching everything that’s happening at London Fashion Week. So much to see on a busy day in fashion, it was great having a central hotel to nip back to, it saved us so much travel time, not having to trek back to zone 3 on the tube after a long day.

Watch out for more from our adventures at LFW.


Photos by Lois & Amy