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Red Light

September 18, 2017

I’m back with another red outfit, I bloody love red at the moment.
This bell sleeve jumper is perfect for the autumnal weather were currently having. It was the perfect excuse to get a little dolled up, don some earrings and grab my snazzy new bag. How cute is this little embroidered beaut? It’s from Rock My Vintage, which I highly recommend ya’ll check out. They have some great vintage and vintage inspired bags on offer, plus plenty of accessories to lust over.

This bag is going to be perfect for dressed up looks or semi casual like I’ve opted for here. We were heading out for a coffee date with friends and this was the perfect in-between dressy and casual. My new thing is wearing earrings – after over 10 years of not wearing them! I’ve picked up a couple of pairs recently and these red beauts are from Freedom at Topshop. I think the finish off this look perfectly!

What I’m wearing –
Jeans – ASOS
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Shoes – Topshop
Earrings – Freedom, Topshop
Jumper – Oasis
Bag c/o Rock My Vintage


Photos – Shooting Dave

Transitional Dressing

September 12, 2017

This time of year is a tough one for deciding just what wear for the day ahead, dressing appropriately for whatever weather turns up as the day progresses.  Whilst summer is definitely over, we still see the odd day of sunshine, then it’s back to windy, chilly days, brrr.                    I’m not quite ready to give up bearing my legs, however on cooler days  it feels like the sensible thing to give in and pull on a pair of  tights – I will hold out as long as I can bear it.

   I think transitional dressing as the seasons change can be fun, it’s the time of year when dresses or skirts can be worn with or without tights,  but you can keep cosy by donning a jumper or long sleeved blouse.   It’s the ideal season for grabbing a leather jacket, cos it’s not truly cold enough for our big winter coats.
On the plus side,  this season brings with it a variety of lovely fabrics, of which corduroy is one of my favourites.  This burgundy dress is a perfect example of a transitional wardrobe staple.   (I’ve spied an emerald green version,  who knows, perhaps I might just snap it up!)
I’m looking forward to crisp autumn leaves falling, wearing chunky knits and snuggling on the sofa drinking warming hot chocolate.  I am fickle, whilst I say this today,  I guess by next month I’ll be wishing for springtime to hurry along!
What are you looking forward to in the coming autumn months?

What I’m wearing –
Dress & Blouse – Oasis
Bag – Zara
Earrings – H&M
Boots c/o Warehouse
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS

Photos – Shooting Dave

What and what not to pack when travelling

September 4, 2017

What and what not to pack when travelling

Packing for a simple holiday is sometimes challenging enough, so it’s understandably difficult trying to work out what to bring travelling with you. I thought it would be good to share some top tips I’ve picked up along my travels to make the process easier – here are just some of them. In the past I’ve shared this post on packing but this time I’ve gone more in-depth.

PACK: Sensible clothes

Perhaps the most important thing to ensure you have with you when travelling is a sensible wardrobe. You won’t want to bring anything too flashy or too heavy as they won’t be suitable for the trip. Instead, opt for a few lightweight tops, bottoms and dresses, as well as enough underwear to last you 😉

You’ll want to ensure you have the right clothes for strenuous activity – hiking and walking are always a massive part of travelling, so consider socks and comfortable shoes, but only if you’re planning to do a lot of footwork. Don’t purchase them just for exploring cities and flat terrain, as echoed by the Secret Traveller. And don’t buy anything expensive, either – there’s a chance that it’ll be ruined by the end of your adventure, and won’t be worth bringing back with you. Good place to check out is TKMax or Blacks (in clearance) are good for sensible footwear, this is where I looked for my trip to Scotland and our hikes.

DON’T PACK: Valuables

Packing things such as expensive jewellery is non-sensical when it comes to travelling. The risk of theft when exploring certain parts of the world is too high, and therefore it makes sense to leave your valuables behind before heading off.

Head to parts of Southeast Asia and you could become a victim of “bag-snatching” – it’s a common practice that sees tourists have their bags taken from their person by passers-by speeding through on bikes. These tourists stand out because they showcase their valuables – don’t let that be you.

PACK: Sunscreen

I know it seems like a no brainer but it’s one of the riskiest things that many travellers think they can get away with is not wearing sunscreen in some of the hottest regions in the world. This can lead to some nasty illnesses, whether it be a painful bit of sunburn or something as severe as sun poisoning, which comes with some serious side effects.

Make sure you’re applying generous amounts of sunscreen whenever you’re outside. Even through cloud there’s a possibility of getting burnt, so there really aren’t any excuses. I easily get effected by this and it’s something I feel people over look, so don’t for get the sunscreen!

DON’T PACK: Extra gadgets

Sure, you’re travelling the world – so naturally you’ll want to bring your big camera and several lenses, a Go-Pro, your iPod for long journeys, your laptop to do some work on the way… you’ll need to be realistic about just how much you can carry, and how many of your gadgets you want to risk taking around the globe with you. This is one I always struggle with, I love my gadgets but if going off backpacking it just isn’t sensible and better to leave them at home.

Limit them to around three, so that you have less to be responsible for. Bring your phone to contact family and friends at home, a point-and-shoot camera for quick and easy snaps, and a device to listen to music on the long journeys from A to B.

PACK: Medical supplies

In some places, medical attention may not come quickly. Equip yourself with sufficient supplies so that you can come to your own aid or the aid of those you’re with. Include things such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes and cream for nasty cuts and grazes to prevent infection.

And don’t forget to protect yourself against airborne illnesses, too. Mosquitoes and other insects can carry viruses such as malaria, so pack some repellent to keep them at bay. Don’t forget tablets, too – antihistamines, paracetamol and travel sickness tablets are all incredibly reliable when travelling. These are key for me, I always get bitten and often have an allergic reaction to them, I also get travel sick (yes I’m that person) and theses are my saviour!


DON’T PACK: Traveller’s cheques

Nowadays, you won’t need to rely on traveller’s cheques. Many parts of the world have card machines – or at least ATMs – that will allow you to withdraw cash whilst you’re out there. However, it’s best to convert some money before you even leave, so that you can seize the best rates and get the best bang for your buck.

Consider getting a prepaid travel money card for the tightest control over your budget. This way, you can lock in the best rate and have a strict amount to spend whilst abroad. It’s a stress-free way to access your money that won’t leave you surprisingly out of pocket or at risk of theft.

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

Light Of Love

August 26, 2017

Happy weekend to ya’ll.

Here in England, we are enjoying a warm and lovely long bank holiday weekend with actual sunshine! Yass!  It’s been so gloomy recently and these snaps were taken on a rainy afternoon.  It feels like I am now well and truly in autumnal mode; complete with ankle boots and beret, mainly due to too many cool days of grey clouds and rain showers. Now I’m like,  what do I wear when its sunny? it’s as if I’ve forgotten it’s  summer!

Anyhow, whilst I try to work out what to wear in today’s  22 degree heat, I bet you that I only work it out – just as the weather turns.

I’m writing this during a lazy weekend; Dave is away on a friends stag do, so I’ve been taking it easy; making home cooked dinners, watching films and getting some of our wedding plans sorted.
I’m also working on a new wedding themed post and will be able to share our intended wedding venue with ya’ll next week.  In truth, we just can’t wait to start telling friends and family where we will be getting hitched! So excited.
I will tell you more about that next week.  In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!!

What I wore –
Top – M&S
Skirt – Vintage
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Ankle Boots c/o Warehouse
Bag – Zara
Beret – Accessories
Ankle Socks & Belt – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave

Autumns Calling

August 20, 2017

I think it’s safe to say this kind of look is totally my jam.
It has all my favourite elements; leather jacket, fedora hat, ankle boots, a cute dress and one hell of a statement bag. So where to start?… I guess the dress – as it’s new I’ll talk about that first.
I love the silhouette, it works for me. The delightful mesh fabric with embroidered detail adds uniqueness…and take a moment to check out the sleeves.

Now we are on the approach autumn, this bag will get a lot more use, I think the mix of tapestry works beautifully with embroidery. I’m pleased to see that autumnal florals and predominately clashing florals will be big again next season. I’m thinking I will get a lot of use from this bag, it will mix well with plenty of other floral fabrics!

My rose gold ankle boots add the perfect feminine and cool edge to the look. What can I say, I bloody love these boots and adore having a new look I can wear them with.

Have you noticed, its become my new thang to wear my jacket wrapped over my shoulders, I guess it was ok as today was warm, if a little windy. Thankfully we are having a dry weekend here, which means we can actually shoot some photo content. This August has been depressing weather wise. Where is the sunshine? It’s an all too soon reminder of what blogging in the UK over the winter is like, i.e. dismal! We want to wear our summer clothes!

I’m really pleased with these snaps, Dave has excelled himself, making me look like I’m in a fancy editorial!

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Oasis
Bag – Zara
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters
Boots – Office

Photos – Shooting Dave


Coffeeshop dates

August 16, 2017

We’ve had such a lovely lazy Saturday, enjoying a restful morning lie-in, followed by a little tidy up of the flat then an afternoon lounging in our favourite coffee shop to do some blogging. It’s been so nice, just taking it easy and slowing down the pace.

Dave did some work on his Mac while I read this months issue of Marie Claire, getting lots of inspiration from their ‘In the night garden’ shoot. It combines lots of clashing floaty floral fabrics, you can see a peek of it in the very last photo of this post.

We drank coffee and eat pain au chocolate while Coco enjoyed his favourite treat – a chewy stick. I love having such a relaxing local coffee shop where we can hang out and take our pooch too. I’m appreciating living in such a dog friendly area.

Photos by Shooting Dave & myself.

Wedding Inspiration

August 11, 2017

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

 Just incase ya’ll don’t know,  back in November my partner Dave asked me to marry him – I’m so happy and see my response to his proposal  here. Is that not the biggest grin ever?!?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I found all these images on Pinterest and have included links below each set of images.
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