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What I wore for my Birthday

February 20, 2017


It’s a whole week since my 30th birthday and I was planning to get this birthday outfit post up sooner but I’ve been a busy Amy, working on some really fun projects! I can’t wait to share them with you soon… ok you’ve been so good…here is a little hint…… I’ve only been hanging out at London Fashion Week.

More about that soon, I promise, but for now, I guess I had better tell you all about this birthday look. I was fortunate enough to receive as Christmas and birthday gifts some ASOS vouchers, so I got online and ordered a couple bits and bobs.


I chose this cute cropped jumper, it’s a great shade of grey with fab embroidery. I also chose a pair of ripped mom jeans. I guess they’re re not my usual thing, but I’ve been hankering for a pair of cool jeans for a while now, I thought to myself “it’s worth a shot, lets try them out?” I’m so glad I did because I love them, even though I am in between sizes – the smaller pair were that little bit too tight and these are a little baggy on my legs and waist- however they fit perfectly over my huge hips. It’s so hard finding well fitting jeans when you are a curvy Miss like me!

I have noticed a bit of a change in my taste lately, perhaps it turning 30, who knows? I’m exploring two very recent obsessions, the first is layering grey on grey, I’m really diggin’ creating outfits with this effect, you should try it! My other fascination is a great feeling for metallic accessories, made easier thanks to my dear friend Allen, as he gifted me these booties in silver! I’m sure you’ll agree, it would have been rude not to take them for a test run straight away. I did and I can confirm to you right here and now that I bloody love them.

To complete the look, I’m wearing another birthday present, this adorable and delicate Amethyst ring from Pandora. Amethyst is my birthstone, it’s also my favourite colour stone and it works so well with my engagement ring. It’s a nice reminder of my bestie Clare, as it was a great present from her. I received some lovely gifts and cards and had great fun celebrating. It was a smashing birthday, thank you for all your lovely wishes.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for all my LFW posts, now to get down to editing!

What I’m wearing-
Coat c/o  Simply Be
Jumper & Jeans – New Look, via ASOS
Ankle Boots – Office
Bag – Zara
Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters
Ring – Pandora


Photos – Shooting Dave 

A spa trip with The Well, Clerkenwell

February 16, 2017


Just before Christmas, with the year drawing to an end and the big lead up to the festivities, we all start to feel the strain of being very busy. I decided it was the perfect time for a treat. I headed to The Well – an urban spa in Clerkenwell, Farringdon Lane for a spot of much needed R&R with my bestie Lolo.

The suburb of Clerkenwell takes its name from The Clerks’ Well, an actual well located in Farringdon Lane. It dates back to the Middle Ages, a time when Parish Clerks across London gathered to perform in annual Mystery Plays, each one based on various biblical themes.  Part of the original well has survived modernisation and remains visible today, now incorporated into Well Court, which is set to become the new hub of Clerkenwell.

So we took ourselves off to the wonderful urban spa, aptly named The Well, at Clerkenwell, London. What an amazing place, embodying all the characteristics of a community well. The Well Urban Spa is sympathetically designed, an entrancing space that you can see is dedicated to relaxation, inspiration and your rejuvenation. I’m sure I would reap the benefits of a regular indulgence; wellbeing is their core theme.


Before I tell you about our treatments, I want to relay to you just how exquisitely beautiful this space was! The peace inducing tranquil sage-green decor is based on the principle that green is a soothing colour on the human eye. After all, it is the colour of nature, and The Well continues this nature theme with birch-wood accents and stone pebbles. Don’t think it’s all subdued, oh no, the tranquility is enriched by decadent textiles, oozing vibrant shades woven through the “Clerkenwell” fabric prints. This design collaboration is with an exciting textile designer – Charlotte Frances London. I adore the pink armchair, it pleases me, as a favourite home decor colour combo is pink and green. The textures have a Scandi feel to them and the furniture placement is spot on. In truth, I wish I could recreate this little spa in my home, its beyond dreamy and I wish my photographs could do it more justice.


Enough of decor, on to our treatments. So after a consultation with our therapists we both decided to go for the Bamford De-Stress treatment. It’s a massage designed to leave you feeling energised and revived ..and boy did we! Here is a little excerpt from their brochure about our treatment :


Tension is a killer, in more ways than one, but the Bamford De-Stress Massage at The Well is designed to ease your worried mind. This targeted massage de-stresses the body from head to toe, starting with a soothing footbath. The gentle, rhythmic massage that follows combines Shiatsu, Meridian and Swedish techniques to encourage lymph flow, sweeping toxins away. Reflexology and leg massage then nurture the positive flow of energy throughout the body, restoring vitality. A powerful detox treatment, this relaxing massage is the ideal antidote to a hectic lifestyle.

Due to a busy schedule, commuting and tension, my muscles knot up, especially around my shoulders and neck. The lovely spa therapist tailored my massage to work on these specific problem areas. She identified that I even had a tension built up in my hands and forearms, I guess its due to physical handling of mannequins and fashion garments at work and my blog typing. After our massages, Lois and I headed upstairs for a glass of bubbly and then onto the pub for a swift Diet Coke and a natter, we were so blissfully relaxed and in a lovely daze like state.

I want to say a massive thank you to The Well Spa for having us and making us feel so relaxed and ready for the 2017, we know where you are and we shall return! 

 Photos by Lolo and Amy

Family Time

February 15, 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I had a family filled weekend, we stayed local, our first meeting point was one of my favourites The Graveney and Meadow in Tooting Broadway. We tumbled into this warm and welcoming eatery, glad to escape the cold and chatted over a drink and shared hugs and hellos. Once everyone had arrived we exchanged birthday presents, drank tea, coffee and a beer or two, catching up on the latest news makes you feel peckish, so we headed over the road to Tota, another favourite local spot. It’s had a revamp recently, creating a new bar area. We deliberated over the yummy menu, ate loads, drank cocktails and beers and chatted the evening away.

It was so much fun spending time with family, drinking cocktails and eating naughty puddings. I was so engaged in the celebrations that by the time I’d downed my third cocktail, I was eating pudding … time was flying by, I love days like that. However, I was having far too much fun gossiping with my sister and Momma, but still managed to insta-story of it all. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, maybe you could come take a peak, so you can catch up on snippets of what I get up, much of which doesn’t always end up on the blog , plus I’m heading to LFW later this week🤗 

Anyhow, back to what I had for lunch, I went for the mashed avocados on gluten free toast. I was so happy with this choice, it was full of texture, flavoursome and fresh. Having been virtuous with my main course, I was persuaded by the girls to nosh on a sumptuously naughty chocolate and leché pot of heaven – t was so good. Family fun, time to connect and share, bliss.


Photos by Shooting Dave and Amy

It’s my Birthday! 

February 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my 30th Birthday, well it was yesterday. I had a lovely day spending it with Dave and my bestie Clare. In the evening we headed to our favourite burger joint Dip & Flip, we were joined by all our closest friends. It was wonderful celebrating with all of our friends and I guess when your surrounded with that much love, it isn’t that bad turning 30, after all 😉

I have a special illustration post coming soon and a fun birthday outfit to share with you all this week!

Photo by Shooting Dave

Modern Love

February 6, 2017


Now I have wanted to get my hands on this pair of boots for a rather long time now, I first spotted them last summer. I was going to treat myself to them for PFW back in October, but sadly, due to being ill I wasn’t able to travel, so didn’t buy the beautiful boots. That was until last week, when I joyfully spotted them in the sale so I snapped them up. It was only when I got these beauties home that I remembered I had a clutch bag in the exact same colour… Bonus! It was quite a Eureka moment! 

For the first outing in my new boots I paired this pale pink jumper with a cute frill detail and a pleated pleather midi skirt. I donned a pair of glittery pale pink socks with my boots. I love how the colours pink and grey work together, so this coat was an obvious choice to wear. Surprisingly it wasn’t too cold outside and I managed to survive the afternoon into evening bare legged.

We had a lovely weekend seeing my Momma and Step Dad, it became a family affair; we were joined for afternoon drinks and dinner by my Sister, her boyfriend and our Uncle It was a wonderful time, a joyous birthday celebration as both my Mother and step Father have celebrated their birthdays in January and it’s my birthday next weekend, so it was the perfect family get-together to celebrate together. I will post the snaps soon, but for now I couldn’t wait to share my boots with you. 


What I’m wearing-
Coat c/o Simply Be
Jumper, Skirt & Socks – Oasis
Bag – Wallis
Beret – H&M 
Boots – Office
 Photos – Shooting Dave

Fade Away and Radiate

February 1, 2017


I’ve had such a fun Friday night, my best gal pal Josie came for a sleep over. We treated ourselves and ate naughty GU chocolate pots with salted caramel ice cream – heaven! We spent the evening chatting about all manner of things ranging from holidays dressing to LFW outfits. It wasn’t all chat, we set up Josie’s blog. Well, I say we, it was mainly Josie, but I was on hand to help with any WordPress related questions. 

 We had a lazy start to Saturday enjoying a relaxed breakfast in our PJ’s with a delicious cuppa tea. After getting dressed we headed to my fav spot for pictures. Now Jose isn’t used to having her picture taken as she’s usually the one behind the lens of her 35 mm film camera (she’s so fancy & cool).  Josie asked me to take some snaps for her as she’s launching her very own blog about all the things that make her smile, such a lovely concept and I’m happy I was able to lend a hand. After taking some snaps of Josie, she kindly returned the favour and took some outfit snaps of yours truly. 

Now I know you might have seen these individual items before, but I’m not sure I’ve worn them all together for shoot? I wanted a chilled out look and this denim dress is my ‘go to’ when in this mood, naturally teaming it with my vans for that pared down look. So the vibe wasn’t too flat, I added a pop of red in the form of this Viv Westwood neckerchief and threw on my trusty beret. I forced myself to break my faux fur coat addiction and wore my camel car coat.

Next weekend my Momma is visiting, I cannot wait to hang out with her, then the weekend after it’s my Birthday! Eek!! I’m working on a couple of special Birthday posts for y’all!


What I’m wearing-
Coat – Topshop
Dress – Oasis
Neckerchief – Vivienne Westwood
Beret – Accessorizes
Bag – Zara
Trainers – Vans

img_2028 img_2049img_2050img_2022

Photos by Josie

Winter Sunshine

January 28, 2017

amy_blog_023amy_blog_009 amy_blog_014  

On a bitterly cold but gloriously sunny Sunday, we headed off for our end of the week ‘big walk’ with lil’ Coco. As we headed to the Common, we stopped by our favourite location, it’s local to where we live and Dave took these outfit snaps. I like this spot so much, its private, quiet and just a few steps away from the main street.

Today, I’m donning my faux fur coat – again, like I said perviously, it keeps me warm and does the trick in the minus 2 degrees frosty weather we’re having right now. I think this look has a 1960’s meets Girl Guide vibe, and it’s fair to say I’m diggin’ it. Little touches like my scarf, beret and A-line dress help create this 60’s vibe. My vintage scarf tied in a knot creates a little edge to the whole look. I must say I’m smitten with the textures in this look; furry coat, corduroy dress and tapestry bag. For that added warmth I have layered a black frill knit under the dress and it really did the trick… I also think standing in the sunshine also helps 😉

What I’m wearing-
Coat & Scarf – Vintage
Loafers c/o Rokit Vintage
Bag – Zara
Jumper & Dress – Oasis
Beret – H&M
Smoke & Mirror Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

amy_blog_030 amy_blog_043amy_blog_046amy_blog_035amy_blog_052
 Photos – Shooting Dave