To Dave and I our wedding invites were really important. As we are both very creative people and wanted something that reflected both of us. We originally looked to our friends who are very talented illustrators and graphic designers but we ended up creating it ourselves. Which has meant its taken a lot longer to produce and finalise our design, but boy are we pleased with them. As this is our first time designing anything as important as this I thought I would share some of the tips and trick we used and learnt along the way.

I started by searching Save the Dates on Pinterest to gather inspiration for designs and styles I liked and thought that Dave would like too. I created a board full of styles, by showing Dave we whittled them down to about 5 or 6 designs. I knew I wanted some flowers and lots of white background but still lots of colour – if that makes any sense at all?

As we’re getting married in a vintage style theme park it felt right to incorporate this into our design. It must be said that one of the prettiest old style rides is the helter skelter, which we have featured heavily in our design.

Dave created the helter skelter line drawing on photoshop. I hand illustrated the flowers and scanned them into photoshop, I then coloured all the designs in. We’re really pleased with the final outcome and have sent them off to be printed.

I tested out a fair few printers before going with Papier, they are affordable and have a great paper selection. Our design is double printed and we opted for these fun envelopes to match. Once our invites arrive later this week I’ll share some snaps. Then once our main invite is finished and all other wedding stationary is complete – we are designing a map for our location and order of service. After we have all the elements we’re planning to photograph it, stay tuned!

Photos – Shooting Dave


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