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After a leisurely breakfast in bed we washed and dressed and headed off excitedly to explore Paris. We meandered from our hotel through the grounds of Les Invalides walking along the historic military monuments and museums, such jaw dropping classic architecture. From there we walked to the Fountain at Place de la Concorde, passing by so many beautiful buildings. We were truly spoilt for pretty things to take a picture of!

Whilst visiting the Fountain on Place de la Concorde, we took some outfit snaps, don’t you love these gold chains for our sunnies? They add a little luxury touch to our outfits, adding a different accent to this fave frock, which you’ve seen plenty of times before- what more can I say it’s comfortable and I like it. 


Photo shoot in the bag, we hurried to the designer streets where we came across Lois’s favourite shop Kenzo. We had a good mooch and had a chance meeting with an ever-so-cute lil’ Frenchy.
We went in search of my true love -vintage shopping, in particular Episode Vintage. We spent a couple of hours there, time just flew by and there were so many delights to coo over in the vast treasure troves. We rummaged and selected carefully, with so much to choose from, it was head spinning. Lois and I grabbed handfuls of garments and trooped off to the changing rooms. I’ve finally found the camouflage jacket of my dreams, as I always find the best army jackets in the men’s section, it’s often hard to find one that fits, but thankfully, the vintage gods were on my side and I found an American camo jacket that fitted a treat!  I also found a pair of retro Adidas Samba trainers from the 1970’s, and in pretty mint condition too. Like I said the vintage gods were truly on my side, these trainers were such a steal. I can’t wait to show you them!
Lois was delighted and bagged three beautiful peasant blouses with gorgeous embroidery and the cutest blue neckerchief, all very French. I picked up a little neckerchief too, we know how I love a good neck scarf/bandana!
If only I had more euros. I’m definitely going to save my hard earned pennies and plan a return visit to Episode Vintage during my next Paris adventure.

Photos by Lois & myself.



  1. August 22, 2016 / 12:01 am

    Wow, fab post. I wanna go shopping Paris style.
    Love the pooch

  2. August 22, 2016 / 8:18 am

    Great photos, love a bit of Paris x

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