Trick or Treat?!

Which will it be, trick or treat? I love a little halloween inspiration and this year I’m feeling vintage horror and skeleton make-up. I’m hoping to have fun plans for this special night, I also want to get me a pumpkin and crave out a cute ghost or a scary face! Also look at those freaking cute ghosts!!



  1. October 29, 2012 / 1:08 am

    I love the pink-haired skeleton.

  2. October 29, 2012 / 2:33 am

    AHHH, I so love the collection of spooky images. Happy Halloween (eve)!

  3. October 29, 2012 / 12:35 pm

    Reblogged this on sexystupid and commented:
    Cool πŸ˜€ HAPPY HALLOWEEN πŸ˜€

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