We’ve had mixed weather over the last couple of days, with horrid rainy thunder and lighten storms to sunny days. It makes it very hard choosing what to wear in the mornings. Like I said in my post earlier in the week (click here) I feel my outfits are becoming transitional, from summer to autumn. With every outfit even more so than the last, I do love this outfit thought with all the different shades of brown with touch of beige. Most of it was a present from my mother, I’m very lucky and spoilt. We were having a mooch in H&H buying presents for my step dad. We popped up onto the women’s wear floor for a little looks and my mom whispered the lovely words have a mooch I’ll treat you to some thing. I insisted she didn’t need to but after her persuading (which didn’t take long) I had a browse around and came across these trousers. I’ve been looking for another pair as I find the fit on these isn’t that great any more and with winter coming I want to try and keep warm. I originally only picked the blouse up to try on with the trousers because I was wearing a dress and needed a top to try with. I also liked the colour and how it matches my hair, lame I know. So after trying them on and showing my mom, she wanted to buy me both. Lucky me aye 🙂  It didn’t end there, she got me a lovely tan belt seen here and some pop socks and lemonade lip balm, its so yummy.

What I’m Wearing –

Trench – Thrift Store

Blouse & Trousers – H&M

Bag – Vintage, Portobello Market

Shoes – River Island

Hat – Folk Week Market Stall

I love the simple outfit accessories consisting of my huge new hat and my beloved vintage Doctors style bag, I brought this bag when I was about 17 or 18 years old at Portobello Market in London. I’m still as much in love with it as I was back then. It’s a pain using sometimes but I love it and for special occasions its great, I didn’t have a big occasion for todays outfit but we went for a family lunch. Which was lovely and we ate so much great food.

Photos – Dave Cox


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