I came across a link to these images over on Harriet’s blog where she dose Lazy Sunday Links (which is pretty cool, so check it out) when I found this link to This Is Glamourous, where I found these beauty’s, which are making me scream out for fall fashion.

I’m on a 1970’s style kick at the moment with the planning of my up coming styling shoot , I’m going for that 70’s flowing feel and these images capture that perfectly! I love every thing from the simple colour pallet & styling elements to the models hair & their poses. The mixture of fabrics is wonderful to, layering textures of leathers and chiffon’s with silks and woolens, I want my fall wardrobe to be like this.

I did edit them into my format but I think the images originally came from Russian Vogue, I will hunt down the original source and let you know if I find it.


  1. August 8, 2010 / 5:06 pm

    So glad you liked the link – I am so ready for autumn fashion right now, just a shame the weather isn’t quite with me! This is the curse of the fashion year being so far ahead of the actual year I think!

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