Diana Mini Film Photo’s –

Here are my photos from the 40’s event, we went to over the weekend. It was so much fun, this is more a what Dave & I wore post, click here to check out the other more what we got up to set of photos.

What Dave’s Wearing –

Shirt – Vintage

T-Shirt & White Pumps – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Topman

Sun Glasses – H&M

Check out that cool camera bag my Uncle Thomas gave him, I’m pretty jealous of it!!

What I’m Wearing –

Cardigan & Dress – Vintage

Broach – Vintage Fair

Belt – Primark

Bag – Nica

Shoes & Socks – Topshop

I love my little vintage dress, its has such a pretty floral print, I last wore it like this. It’s a great summer or winter dress, easy to pair with ankle socks or tights. At the moment I’m living in my chunky knitted cardigan. I always get cold no matter how warm it is out side and lets face it England’s summers aren’t always the warmest. When your in the sun shine its to warm for the cardigan but as soon as the wind comes or you step into the shade its the perfect temperature to wear the cardigan. So I shall keep wearing it until its far to warm for layers.

I thought these were four cute photos, taken while trying to work out if I had fitted / winded on the film correctly. I’m not so used to film cameras.

Photos – Dave Cox & Me.


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