Today I fancied a location change but with out us having much time between arriving home from work, having dinner and Dave’s gym appointment it’s hard to fit a trip to the park or the old ware house in, so I usually settle for the brick wall outside our apartment. Lately I’m getting a little bored of the brick wall and long for green grass and flowery locations. Due to the fact we live in the city center we’re lacking the green grass locations I long for. So we’re trying out the huge communal balcony just out side our place, it over looks the car park and Birmingham city center is in the back ground.

So what do you think of the new location? It’s a little fun and breaks up the brick wall shots, I will be on the hunt for new picture taking spots in my area.

Any way back to the trousers, these are my new floral trousers / jeans. I took little polaroids of them the other day. After playing around on the stairs we quickly snapped a couple of photos by the brick wall just to capture the detail ect…

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit today and especially the trouser wearing, as I’m not usually a fan of trousers. I love all the details, like my little granny socks with my brogues and how you can just see them pepping through under my roll ups. I also love my vintage broach I got at the vintage fair last weekend. I’m not sure why but I got so many funny looks today, maybe my outfit doesn’t match or its to kitsch for some people?!

What I’m Wearing –

Denim Shirt, Floral Trousers & Brogues – Topshop

Cardigan, Bag & Scarf – Thrift (Charity Store)

Broach – Vintage Fair

I think this shot is really funny, how you can see me having a look at my shoes while Dave’s taking the photo and not releasing all of me was in it.

Photos – Dave Cox

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  1. June 16, 2010 / 10:48 pm

    Those trousers are just awesome! It’s exciting to see outside your flat too!

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