Here’s a mixture of Fish Eye camera and some from my Diana Mini, all film photos from our night at Shunt Lounge London…

Shunt is a club set underneath London Bridge in the old rail archways, with live art and a silent cinema it’s defiantly a surreal club experience. With its miss match furniture of arm chairs and school like chairs. Huge mirrored walls, a cloak room thats a big cage with sewing machines and stuffed birds inside these cages within the cloak room. A unisex toilets, random artist running around with candels, a very fun but surreal experience indeed! It’s open in the day time as a art exhibition and I really want to go back and visit in day light and to go party there again. Worth a visit indeed!

Photos- Dave Cox (with his Fish Eye Camera) & Amy Purfield-Clark (with my Diana Mini Camera)

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