These images are from my trip to Brighton, they were trapped on my dad’s camera and I’ve only just retrieved them off it. I know I’ve not long done a outfit post with this dress but due to being away for the weekend I thought I’d use these images for your viewing pleasure as it’s a shame not to ever use them. While I was wearing this hat, an old lady asked what school I went to, I thought it was so funny, I replied with sorry I don’t go to school, Im doing my Masters at University. She said oh I thought you went to one of those posh schools. I did chuckled as I thought imagine if this was your school uniform?! With the sexy sheer tights and dressed up dress, I wish my school uniform was this snazzy.

While down in Brighton we did lots of day trips and visiting pretty places, one of them was Chichester Cathedral. A magnificent 900-year-old Cathedral, this is where these photos are taken. Its such a pretty building and in side the Cathedral is just as beautiful!

What I’m Wearing –

Straw Hat, Bag & tights – Primark

Dress & Brogues – Topshop

Cardigan & Belt – H&M

Photos – Simon Clark

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