At the moment I’m working on a denim shoot, it’s an on going project. Heres the first lot of photos from the shoot. My next lot will include more jumping and a male model! he he… This lot includes denim on denim, floral jeans, stripey top and denim dress. I wanted movement in the photos so got Sonia to jump in the air.  Once the final shoots are done I will show you the final collection of chosen images for this project! I’m looking forward to the next denim shoot, I have so many ideas for it!!

Floral Denim…

Sonia’s Wearing –

Peach Blouse & Denim Shirt – Vintage

Floral Jeans – H&M

Jacket – Army Store

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Head Band – Charity Store

Shoes – Model’s Own

Denim On Denim…

Denim Dress, Shirt, Socks & Jeans – Topshop

Stripey Top – H&M

Belt & Head Scarf – Vintage

Shoes – Models Own

Jumping Denim…

Floral Dress, Denim Shirt & Belt – Vintage

Brogues & Socks – Topshop

Watch – Urban Outfitters

Here are some funny photos of Sonia and I practicing jumping, trying to get an idea of how jumping will come across in the images.

There so fun and such a giggle to do!

Photos – Dave Cox

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