Yesterday we visited Packwood House

I think this lovely old English manor house would create the perfect setting for a photo shoot I’m planning to do over the next couple of weeks. Photo shoot wise, I’m thinking vintage tea dresses, over coats with fur trims, little gloves, granny bags and socks to match. I want floral detail mixed with a clashing prints and textures. English heritage mixed with English rose… I’m still working on the concept / theme for the shoot but as soon as I’ve worked out what I want mood boards and photo shoot images will be here to share with you…

Getting back to Packwood House it’s originally 16th-century, yet its interiors were extensively restored between the world wars by Graham Baron Ash to create a fascinating 20th-century evocation of domestic Tudor architecture. Packwood House contains a fine collection of 16th-century textiles and furniture, and there is a delightful garden with famous collection of yews, a romantic lake and plenty of sheep.

As it was a rainy horrid wet day we stayed close the the house and in the main grounds. Here are some photos of our day trip…

What I’m wearing-

Coat – H&M

Snood – Topshop

Bag – Beyond Retro (Vintage)

Cardigan – H&m (just seen on cuff of coat)

Shoes – Topshop

I’m using my new bag that I on my trip to London last week, it’s from Beyond Retro off Brick Lane. I love the brief case style and the navy colour.

It was so cold I had to wear my “proper” winter coat, that has a fur trip around the collar but it was extra cold I popped my snood over the top to keep me extra warm. I was wearing a pretty dress under neath my coat but it was far to cold to even think about taking off my coat!

The fact I’m currently living in the snood means I am trying to put it with every outfit I wear. It’s just so handy and keeps me warm, it’s kind of became a snugly blanket on long journeys, which I seams to be doing lots lately!

We nipped inside to dry off from the rain and have a mooch around the dark dingy but beautiful house, heres some photos of our favourite rooms. It’s a shame you cant go into most of the room propperly as they would make wonderful photo shoot settings. Full of character and plenty of details, from wall hangings to the tiles in the bath room.

I just love this bath room, its so beautiful!

These are photos Dave took off the cute romantic little rooms within the house.

Apparently this is the first year the national trust are allowing photography but with out flash.

Photography – Dave Cox

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