I’m full of fashion inspiration and creativity at the moment.

This post is like my colour and fashion forecast for 2010.

I’ve got plenty of styling shoots ideas in the pipe line.

Here are some  photographs I’m finding really inspirational. I’ve made them into colour pallet samples.

Using either the colour pallets or photos themselves as influences for styling.

My shoot images coming soon!

I love the simple fresh shades, the suitcase made me think of travelling.

So I’l be grabbing my over night bags and going on mini breaks and plenty of day trips this year!

I love this simple image, love the playful colour scheme.

I also received a pretty navy hat like this and a cute vintage camera for Christmas so would love to use them in shoot.

This is continuing with my new found obsession with travel, the vintage red car is super stylish.

I’ve fallen in love with this image, the hat, the hair, the make-up, it all!

It reminds me of hats I have collected from vintage fairs and charity shops.

My styling ideas are going into overdrive now.

I’m thinking old fashioned rain coats, 1920’s hats, seductive make-up, fun tights and shoes and of course luggage bags!

Just working on this post is making me super excited and I can’t wait to create my shoots.

The shoots will be here very soon, just as long as the snow goes away!

Images used for colour pallets from www.gettyimages.co.uk


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