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That 70′s dress…

July 22, 2014

that_70s_dress_001that_70s_dress_01Wowezer we’ve been having a heat wave here in Britain, it seams us Brits are never happy with the weather. It’s either too hot or too cold! I’m pretty happy with the warm weather, the only time I have a problem with it is on the tube.. It’s so darn hot underground! Well onto this outfit, I do love a good vintage dress and to pay homage to this 70′s one  I left my hair wavy and added tan leather accessories. In an attempt at combating the heat I rolled up the sleeves and didn’t even think about wearing tights, far to warm for that. I kept it buttoned up, I went for style over practicality but it was well worth it, even if a little hot.

What I’m wearing -

Dress & Belt - Vintage

Loafers - Office

Bag - Topshop

Glasses - Cheap Monday

Necklace Ring - Freedom, Topshop

that_70s_dress_013that_70s_dress_017Photos – Shooting Dave
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Grace Of Monaco…

July 20, 2014

grace_of_monaco_01Grace Kelly The Princess Of Monaco -

The film stars Nicole Kidman (who I’m rather fond of in Bewitched) and tells the story of Grace Kelly’s transformation from movie star to royal princess. I won’t go to much into the story line, as I do not wish to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the film but I will talk about the beautiful style of the film, not only is the fashion amazingly re-created but the film it’s self is beautiful and how could it not be with Monaco as it’s back drop!


Last year I visited Monaco and I truly fell in love with the city, so when I saw this film advertised I knew I had to see it. Luckily I was given the chance to see it along with a friend at the cinema, thanks to the kind folks at Glitzy Secrets! What better way to spend a girly afternoon than lusting over the super chic 60′s style. The film is jam-packed with 60′s sprit and the silhouettes and dresses to match, with lots of cute lady like separates, the stylist Gigi Lepage is incredible and I truly believe her creation and inspiration of Grace Kelly is what makes the film beyond dreamy.


I think Nicole was the perfect choice for the casting of Grace, as she oozes class and suits the vintage look down to a tee. I’ve included some of my favorite styles from the film. I love the array of hats on display in the film, the cat eye sunglasses are another firm favorite of mine. The use of scarfs also caught my eye, either worn tied around the neck or as a head scarf either way I’m digging these lady like vibes. The whole cinematic feel to this film has me lusting after a holiday to the South of France and dressing head-to-toe in vintage 60′s glamour. Have you seen the film? What did you think of the styling and which was your favorite look?

grace_of_monaco_04grace_of_monaco_03All images taken from Google. :-)
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Forest Flower…

July 16, 2014

forsest_hues_010forset_hues_01forsest_hues_002Hello there, it’s been a while, my apologies! What with doing a nightshifts and a very busy weekend I just haven’t found the time for outfit photographs. I’d hoped to capture this outfit on Saturday but it was jam packed and alas no time… We headed into central London with Dave’s parents and jumped on a boat for a ride down the Thames to welcome the Clipper Race boats over the finish line after a year at sea! This isn’t my usual thing but it sure was fun and I didn’t get seasick!! Score! Haha… I wore my new kimono from Wallis, which I totally fell in love with the forest flower print. I’m also wearing new sandals from Urban Outfitters, I brought these to wear with this dress for an up coming wedding. I really like the 50′s feel they had and think they look pretty darn good with jeans too.forsest_hues_022forsest_hues_005 forsest_hues_025forset_huesforsest_hues_023What I’m wearing -

Fedora Hat & Sandals – Urban Outfitters

Kimono – Wallis

Top & Jeans - Topshop

Bag – ASOS

Ring & Necklace – Freedomforsest_hues_008forset_hues02forsest_hues_024forsest_hues_016forsest_hues_017Photos – Shooting Dave
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Casual Swag…

July 9, 2014


Some day’s I just want to be comfy and today was one of them day’s. After completing a nightshift I wanted ease and comfort from my outfit. I opted for a blouse, trainers and jeans. To make the outfit more me, I added a headscarf, which also gives the look a 50′s spin. I think it’s the little touches that gives this look that rockabilly 50′s hint, with my jeans rolled up, leather jacket and bold red lippie.
I got these little trainers last year thanks to the folks at Voucher Codes, I’ve never really worn them enough but I love them with jeans and I guess now that I’m into jeans means they’ll get a lot more outings. Which is great as they are super comfy and got me through my nightshift hell ;-)

amy_blog_jeans_005 amy_blog_jeans_012amy_blog_jeans_022 amy_blog_jeans_004What I’m wearing -

Blouse, Jeans & Head Scarf – Topshop

Bag – Vintage

Trainers – Adidas c/o Voucher Codes

Leather Jacket – Wallis

Ring – Freedom
amy_blog_jeans_025amy_blog_jeansamy_blog_jeans_024amy_blog_jeans_030Photos – Shooting Dave
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I fell in love at the seaside…

July 5, 2014


We had a wonderful time at the seaside last weekend visiting Dave’s family. We enjoyed a walk down to the seafront, watched Dave’s father in a yacht race and had a milk shake at the famous Morelli’s Gelato. Where this photo was taken, I love our trips down to the seaside and getting to hang out with the family, below you’ll see Dave’s sister Clare and I posing at the very end of the pier, where there’s a cute café we go to for breakfast where we can see the yachts coming into the finish line. There was two main reasons for heading south for the weekend, first was Dave’s friend was having a relaxed bachelor party in the afternoon and it was his uncles 50th Birthday party later in the evening, all in all a pretty fun weekend.

seaside seaside_03 seaside_02seaside_08seaside_04What I’m wearing -

Jacket – Army Surplus

Skirt, Belt & Bag – Vintage, Thrift

T-shirt – Topshop

Loafers – Office seaside_05 seaside_06 seaside_07seaside_09Photos – Shooting Dave
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Moody Blooms…

July 2, 2014

amy_blog_002amy_blog2amy_blog_009We had a wonderful weekend at Dave’s parents and I’ll be sharing that with you very soon but for now here’s a little dress I’ve fast fallen in love with. I love the moody flower contrast between the dark patches to the light blue hues. It’s a cute little pinafore shape and I’m looking forward to making it preppy come Autumn but for now I went for more relaxed boho feel, layering it with a t-shirt and adding tights as it was a mixed weather kind of day… We seem to be having a lot of those lately! amy_blog_013amy_blogamy_blog_005amy_blog_021amy_blog_017amy_blog_010What I’m wearing -

Dress & Loafers - Topshop

T-shirt – Warehouse

Fedora – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Vintage, Thrift

Jacket - Wallisamy_blog_019amy_blog_1amy_blog_006Photos – Shooting Dave
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Life Lately #2

June 29, 2014

insta_05blog_writing02insta_06insta_01Back in the early days of my blog I used to do a monthly round up of my Instagram feed, I think this was mainly because I was so in love with the dreamy square crop and filters on the photos. Over time I missed months and wanted to take my blog in a different direction but I recently did a round up of what I’d been up to and enjoyed looking back over the past couple of months, so I’ve decided to start doing little round up posts again. This month has been a good foodie month, we visited the food festival and had the best afternoon tea, there’s been lots of good burgers and a few fruity ciders!

insta_02blog_writinginsta_03insta_04Coco and I enjoyed a good catch up with Rachael and like always Coco’s been a real cutie!

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