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Blogging Friends

February 9, 2016


Last week I met up with Lois for a catch up and to take each others outfit snaps, it’s nice to give Dave a day off from taking my photos every now and then ;-)
We met in Central London and searched for a quiet spot where no one would bother us, after hopping over a small wall, we found this delightful brick wall (we are both blogging cliché’s and love a brick wall!).

We worked up quite an appetite taking our outfit photographs, you know, with all that walking back and forth checking we were both happy with the snaps we’d captured, as a treat for all our (ahem) hard work, we treated ourselves to a spot of tea and cake, and with it tipping down with rain, we felt we deserved to ignore our diets! 

IMG_2098IMG_2099To see Lois’s outfit in full head over to her blog  ;-)IMG_2074IMG_2068What I’m wearing –
CoatBeanie & Shoes –  Topshop
T-shirt & Denim Pinafore – Oasis
Bag & Bandana c/o  Rokit Vintage
Watch c/o Jord

teaLike myself Lois works full-time and in any spare moment creates content for her blog, in fact I’d say Lois blogs full-time too, where as I blog twice a week and three times if I’m able to. We giggled and talked about our blogging schedules over a cuppa, and the hugest slices of cake ever! We’re planning some exciting blogger project together – watch this space ;-) 


Photos taken by myself & Lois – thanks for a fun afternoon!

Townhouse Chic

February 6, 2016

_U3A4982 _U3A5001_U3A5028

Happy weekend ya’ll!

It’s been a long old week at work and I’m so happy to be having a chilled out Saturday. After a nice lazy start to the day we headed to North London to keep Dave company at work (Dave’s having to work overtime), so we headed up to North London with him, grabbing some You Me Sushi for lunch and taking some snaps just outside Dave’s work.

As for my outfit, I wanted something comfy and lazy, while digging around my chest of draws I found this skirt, which hasn’t been worn in oh so long I thought I’d dust it off and give it an outing. As it’s ridiculously windy and cold out I layered up with a jumper tucked in and adding a belt (which is a bonus as this skirt is a little big since it’s last wear!). Keeping with my casual and wanting to be comfy I added my parka and beanie hat, originally I wanted to wear one of my fedoras but with the wind that wasn’t going to happen, well with out me holding on to it at all times!

I’ve spent the afternoon editing my outfit snaps, keeping Coco entertained and working on some new illustrations. All in all a blissful Saturday! I hope you’ve all had lovely Saturdays, do let me know what you’ve gotten up too – I’m so nosy ;-)

_U3A5016_U3A4990_U3A5032_U3A5008_U3A4986_U3A5031What I’m wearing –
Coat & Beanie – Topshop
Skirt – Wallis
Jumper – Oasis_U3A5020_U3A5022_U3A5026Photos – Shooting Dave

What’s in my make-up bag #2

February 3, 2016

update_makeupwhatsinmakeupI can’t believe it’s February already, and that it’s my birthday next week, eek! As the weather has been pretty pants plus we’ve been really busy with work, seeing family and saying goodbye to friends moving away from London, I just haven’t had the time to blog. 

I can however share some of my latest doddles I’ve been working on and thought I would update you all on what’s in my make-up bag and of course in illustration form, it’s so much more fun this way. Over the last couple of months (mainly thanks to great Christmas gifts) I’ve picked up some new make-up items.  Some items you’ll have seen before in this post.update_makeup02Laying the foundations!

My current favourite foundation is Hello Flawless by Benefit, and my powder of choice is Chanel. I still use the MAC concealer but find Boi ing by benefit is better, mainly for use of control and colour match to my skin tone.

 That’s the base sorted now to the cheeks – I go between my MAC blusher and the sleek contour pallet as it creates definition especially when mixed with the old classic that is High Beam, for perfectly defined and highlighted cheekbones. 

update_makeup03All about the lips!

My lipstick collection has grown somewhat recently – I now have at least four MAC lipsticks  in different shades of red, and my favourite Chanel lippie (I’m hoping to add another into my collection for my Birthday). Also in my collection I have a Sephora lip stain and a dark plum coloured NARS lippie. 

I’ve been trying to mix up my daily lip stick choice and wear some thing different from my favourite go to Chanel! Another daily love is the Bene Balm from Benefit, it’s so smooth, soft and moisturising for my lips, perfect to stop them from cracking  in this cold weather!update_makeup01All illustration created by me :-)

Retro Child

January 27, 2016



Lately I’m really diggin’ berets, and I’m predicting they will be big for AW16 – even if they aren’t I’ll be rocking them! I picked up this striped t-shirt from Oasis with some Christmas money I had left over, I love the 70’s vibe it has. I used it’s 70’s influence to inspire this look, starting by adding the denim button down skirt, next came the camel coat and to mix thing up a little, I added tan accessories. There was a time when all I wore was tan shoes and accessories. I still love a good tan pair of brogues but as my style has evolved I’ve moved on to owning the largest collection of black shoes and ankle boots possible, it’s funny how our style changes as we get older. I enjoyed dusting off the tan accessories and feel they worked well with the retro look I was going for, and adding my red beret was the finishing point.

stripes_029stripes_063 stripes_027What I’m wearing –
T-shirt & Skirt – Oasis
Belt – Urban Outfitters
Coat & Bag – Topshop
Beret – Accessories
Brogues – River Island
Watch c/o Jordstripes_068stripes_030 stripes_054stripes_001stripes_018stripes_016stripes_037Photos – Shooting Dave

Nailing The 90’s

January 20, 2016

Looking back at this outfit it feels like a 90’s homage, a nod to clueless what with the beret and jumpsuit combo. I’ve been trying to wear once cherished items within my wardrobe and breath new life into them, this time I combined my burgundy blouse with my black jumpsuit, adding socks (mainly for particle reasons, it’s freezing lately!) and these chunky desert boots I got for Christmas, I guess these are also adding to the 90’s throw back vibe with their raised platform sole. The beret was added in out of necessity to keep me warm, yet stylish, and I fancied wearing my leopard print coat as it’s seen no love in recent months, well years in-fact.

amy_blog_026amy_blog_039 amy_blog_093amy_blog_088amy_blog_058What I’m wearing –
Top, Coat & BootsTopshop
Beret – H&M
Bag Warehouse
amy_blog_080amy_blog_089amy_blog_085 amy_blog_095

Photos – Shooting Dave

Little Red

January 17, 2016

new_years_day_052new_years_day_015new_years_day_060helloThus far January has been rainy and cold, which makes taking outfit photographs nearly impossible. On this occasion I got dresses up for a coffee date with Dave, we had been stuck indoors due to torrential rain and made a break for it, thankfully for the majority of our coffee date it reminded dry right up until we finished snapping these pictures and then the heavens opened! Thankfully we didn’t get to wet and made it back to our flat just in time, spending the rest of the weekend watching films. I’m looking forward to spring, mainly for drier weekends and the light evening. It’s pretty miserable heading to work in the dark and heading home in it too.

In typical British fashion I’ve harped on about the weather, I better get onto the matter at hand – this look. This shirt is an oldie, which I picked up for my trip to NYC back last March, you can see all about my NYC holiday here. It’s doesn’t get half as much wear as it deserves, I love the girlie bandana style print it has, and as it’s still cold out I’ve layered it under this black zipped dress I picked up from work on my staff discount. To jazz up the look and stop it from becoming a black overload (hello inner Goth), I added a pop of red with some fun accessories. 


What I’m wearing-
Jacket – Wallis
Bag & Bandana c/o Rokit
Boots c/o Warehouse
Beret – Accessorise
Dress – Oasis
Shirt – Topshop 


Photos – Shooting Dave 


Bad Hair Day?

January 13, 2016


badhairtypeIf you’re like me, you’ll go to sleep with beautiful curly hair, and wake up with as I call it Hermione Granger (in the early days) hair, nope? Just me then, I’d love to say I have the type of hair that doesn’t need any help.
To wear it with my natural curls it takes work, and to have it straight takes even more work – well that was with my very old and temperamental strengtheners, in their defense they were about eight years old! Not anymore, now I have the beauties that are Irresistible Me Diamond Straightening irons.

When the email dropped in my inbox from the lovelies over at Irresistible Me asking if I would like to try out some products, I was like hell yes! As I’ve got very thick hair to go with the extensions, and my old strengtheners really in need of an update, and I opted to road test the straightening irons.

I’ve had so much fun playing around with these and creating different hair styles, for the purpose of showing you how incredible they are I left my hair to dry naturally and slept on it – hence the Hermione Granger hair, think back to the early day’s of Harry Potter ;-). I then tackled it with the strengthening irons in the morning to create this sleek, frizz free hair you see before you’re very eyes.


I guess the first thing I can’t get over is just how frizz free my hair is, I’ve used other high end irons before but I’ve never noticed these kind of results before. I mean, for someone who is prone to frizzy and flyaway hairs I had none, NONE! I can’t quite get over it, I also find when my hair is straight it isn’t so prone to becoming greasy and can go longer with out washing, yep, I’m that lucky that I have greasy hair as well as frizzy hair – I guess they are perks of having thick hair, if you can call them perks. When it’s curly I can’t go more than two day’s without washing it but when straight I can push it to three or even four days, the fourth day is with a hella lot of dry shampoo!


These straightening irons have some pretty call features; they heat up to a whopping 230C (I’ve generally stuck at 180C for my hair, incase you wanted to know) they also heat up very fast with cool tips to stop you burning you’re fingers. They are diamond, tourmaline and nano technology now I’m not claiming to know what any of that means but I can tell you it results in less damage to the hair and frizz free results, which in my book is a winner! Another good point is that the cord rotates a full 360 degrees which we all know is handy, and they have dual voltage which is great for me to use in the UK (although they have came with American plug nothing that a plug adaptor can’t fix just something to be aware of it buying from none American countries).amy_blog_121amy_blog_132

If you’re interested I’m happy to create a hair tutorial for creating this waved hair style or how I finish off my curly locks.
Would any of you like to see how I style my hair?
Just let me know in the comments and I will commence work on creating a tutorial!

amy_blog_020 amy_blog_024

 Photos – Shooting Dave

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