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My beauty must haves…

October 23, 2014


I’m not the best at beauty and make-up – I tend to stick to what I like and what I think works best for me… But every now and then I get asked what beauty products I use and I thought instead of creating the usual style post of photographs, I illustrated my favorite beauty products for you to see.

My make-up is brought from all over the place, I’m not really a make-up snob but when I can afford to treat myself I do. I’ve always used MAC lipsticks and blusher and I think I always will, I mean how much choice they have its just unreal. I also treated myself to a Chanel lipstick a while back, it’s ever so nice and is my “special occasion lippie”. I also have a couple of Chanel nail polishes and a rather nice Dior lip gloss, these were Christmas presents. As I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation (even though I’m pretty lazy and hardly wear it) I’ve used this BB cream from Topshop, which gives a nice glowing and light feel to the skin.
I’m terrible for rubbing my eyes and leaving mascara flakes all over my cheeks and because of this I have to invest in a good one that can withstand this, so far I’ve found that Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash has done the trick.
As for scent, my usual choice and has been for a number of years is Stella McCartney, I recently ran out but very kindly my Father picked me up Daisy by Marc Jacobs on the way back from his holiday (good old duty free) and I rather like it.


Now for my skin, I always remove my make-up with wet wipes and go over it with a Simple cleansing toner. I then use Simple hydrating moisturizer, in the mornings I use my rather fancy Clarins double serum and Benefits eye crème. After they’ve done their thing, I moisturize and then use Benefits Pore-fessional – I don’t use this everyday but most days. Before I apply my make-up I always use lip balm in the hopes I’ll nourish my lips and therefore my lippie will last longer, for the last couple of years it’s been Burt’s Bees and it’s become a firm favorite.


Batiste Dry shampoo (dark hair) – I just can’t live with out it! It’s great for those in between hair-washing days and now that I’ve discovered the burnet version it’s even better!

TRÈSemme Keratin Smooth – 7 Day straight system is great for helping keep my hair straight for long periods of time, I usually use it on a Sunday night. Blow drying then straightening my hair and even after washes I’ve still got straight hair by Thursday – which is good going for me!

LÓREAL ELVIVE – Extraordinary Oil, I’ve been using this for a couple of years. I’d even go as far as saying it’s my favorite hair care product! You can use it a number of ways but I like to use it after I’ve towel dried my hair and before I brush my hair (I have incredibly knotty hair!!) this helps smooth out all the knots and makes bushing an ease, plus it helps protect my hair if I blow dry or straighten it.

Style Expertise – super drugs own brand is great for the times I want to leave my hair curly and to dry naturally. I just pop this on to my fingertips and work into my hair in a scrunching motion and leave it to do its thang! It also works with blow-drying but I find I get better curls when I leave it to dry naturally.


Do you have any beauty tips or ticks you could share with me? I’d love to know if you’ve found a good foundation or a hair care product you think I’d like. I’m always on the look out for new thins to try!

Illustrations – Amy Purfield-Clark

Crunching Leaves…

October 19, 2014


My bad, I didn’t mean to take nine day break away from blogging! It’s been tricky with bad weather, and with myself and Dave getting ill, it didn’t given me much chance to get outfit photographs. Thankfully this weekend we were able to change all that and with a break in the rain and the sun shining we headed off to the common.
This coat has become my favorite thing to wear and I seem to be wearing it everyday (its hard when things become favorites not to wear them everyday, isn’t it!?). I teamed my much beloved vintage dress with my coat and dusted off these old brogues. Looking back at the different ways I’ve worn this dress, this colour block brogue and dress combo pops up a number of times. It must be an imbedded favorite combo!

in_the_woods_012in_the_woods_083in_the_woodsin_the_woods_098in_the_woods_087What I’m wearing -

Dress & Bag – Vintage

Coat – Topshop

Glasses – Cheap Monday

Brogues – Office

Radley Watch c/o Joshua James

in_the_woods_044in_the_woods_034in_the_woods_01in_the_woods_011in_the_woods_106Photos – Shooting Dave

Blogging On The Move…

October 10, 2014


I recently got this ipad 5 from Argos, to try out and share my top app’s to help blogging on the move and streamline my technology while traveling. I already had a snazzy little Eye-fi memory card that  Dave brought me, it enables me to take photos on my Canon DLSR and send them across to my iphone or ipad via wifi. This has been great fun with the iphone and instagram but will be even better with the ipad, it’ll mean blogging on the move will become truly easy and no more lugging my heavy laptop around when we go away.


Now I’ve got the pictures on my ipad air, how do I edit them? I’ve downloaded the best photo-editing apps I could find and with Dave’s recommendation’s ;-).


Lightroom – out of the photo editing app’s I think Lightroom is the best for editing most like the Mac/Computer version, you can edit your pictures in-depth by changing the white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights & shadows. You can also add washes over the images and crop if needed  – it’s a pretty damn good app! ipad_034_001ipad

After Light – lets you put washes on your photographs like instagram does, it also lets you change brightness, exposure and highlights like Lightroom but not as in-depth… But where I do think After Light shines is with the washes, there are loads to choose from and it also has fun edits like Light leaks and Instant Film which can give your images a vintage film look. Another fun feature is adding boarders, silhouettes and type, this is where you can turn your image into a square for uploading to instagram.


As I blog using wordpress, that was one of the first app’s I downloaded. I do find it much easier to write up blog posts on my laptop compared to the ipad  but the app version is great for checking stats, replying to comments or quick changes to content.


App’s I use to edit, blog and share my posts -

- Lightroom - WordPress - After Light - Eye-fi -I use an Eye-fi memory card in my camera and can send the images across wifi to iphone or ipad – Paper 53 – is a fun little drawing app that I’ve used in the past for creating written scribbles, like above – Twitter Instagram - Facebook -

ipad_053ipad_03ipad_043_0imageipad_001_01ipad_050ipad_046I picked up this ipad sleeve from Herschel, it’s fleece lined and fully padded to protect my new toy. It’s from Urban Industry, it’s the first thing I’ve brought from them – I guess it’s more of a boy’s site but I do love a good camouflage print and I couldn’t find any cases from my usual favorite stores. All in all I’m pretty happy with this case and inside it has red & white stripped lining which is a cute little feature.

ipad_002ipad_007_03Post in collaboration with Argos.
Photos – Shooting Dave

Autumnal Glow…

October 7, 2014


It’s Conker Season!

Autumn is in full swing but almost to the point that we’ve bypassed the autumnal weather and headed straight into cold winter days, well thats if the last couple of days are anything to go by! However when the sun is shining (and it’s not raining) its great getting outside and walk Coco.
I’m debuting my new coat, with it being officially coat weather now! I’m also wearing a faux fur scarf from Wallis, I got it on my uniform discount for a mer £10!! Yikes, I should get one in every colour.. haha! I think a scarf can really change the look of a coat, I think this boyfriend style camel coat will lend its self to lots of different styles and scarfs! To let the coat do the talking I opted for an all black outfit.


What I’m wearing -

Coat & Jeans – Topshop

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Vintage

Scarf & Jumper – Wallis

Necklace & Ring – Freedom, Topshop

Shoes – Dr Martensgolden_park_010golden_park_036golden_park_034golden_park_037golden_park_024golden_park_039Photos – Shooting Dave
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Paisley Love…

October 2, 2014


It’s been such a hectic week, I can’t believe its Thursday already. I’m so ready for the weekend, I’m planning a huge-ass lie-in (after four in a row 4.30 am starts I’m in need of it) and I’ve also got some exciting blog photo shoots arranged…
Well onto this outfit – we took these photos on Sunday after devouring an epic taco lunch and boy, did we need a walk after that lunch! As we were having a lazy day about the house, I opted for comfort and an easy throw on dress. I also dusted off this Zara bag and added my leather look jacket and we were set!

amy_glasses_blog_013amy_glasses_01What I’m wearing -

Dress – Urban Outfitters

Jacket - Wallis

Bag c/o Zara

Boots – Topshop

amy_glasses_blog_026 amy_glasses_blog_041amy_glasses_blog_031Photos – Shooting Dave Follow me at Twitter and Facebook

Last Light…

September 26, 2014

garage_photos_002garage_photos_022garage_photos_025Sometimes I think an outfit location dictates what style of outfit I fancy wearing and this location has fast become my favorite – there are a number of reasons why I like it so much. Firstly, It’s really close to our house, secondly I love the urban vibe it gives to outfits and finally because its down a private road, which means we can take outfit photos with no one watching, bonus!
These boots are also a firm favorite, as I’m not really one for heels I’m surprised how much I’ve been wearing them and how comfortable they are. Plus I’ve rekindled my love for clutch bags, I’m now on the hunt for more.

garage_photos_017garage_photos_023garage_photos_019What I’m wearing -

Duster Coat & Skirt – Wallis

T-shirt, Boots, Hat & Belt – Topshop

Bag – Vintage

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Oval Farmers Market…

September 22, 2014

farmers_market_041farmers_market_023I mentioned in my pervious post about our visit to Oval Farmers Market, so I thought I better share some snaps and boy-o-boy was the food on offer amazing! We had the best grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee, well I had a hot chocolate as I don’t drink coffee… But that grill cheese, I’ll defiantly heading back for that! farmers_market_001 farmers_market_017farmers_market_015farmers_market_019farmers_market_003 farmers_market_005 farmers_market_007 farmers_market_008 farmers_market_012We brought some of this Blackwoods Cheese Company cheese and it is yummy stuff, great in salads! Next time I want to buy more foodie bits from the market as there were some truly great things on offer. Incase your also a SW Londoner the market is in the church grounds (opposite the tube station) and is on from 10am till 3pm.

farmers_market_013farmers_market_037Photos – Shooting Dave
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