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Walk on the dark side…

January 25, 2015

blogs_pics_093 blogs_pics_114I was treated to this studded Valentino bracelet by the kind folks over at Harvey Nichols. I choose tan leather so it can sit along side my Radley watch and have a little arm party – I know two stacked isn’t really a party but as I don’t wear much jewelry it does for me!

As for the outfit this dip hem dress and khaki shirt combination is a firm favorite, to make it more weather appropriate I added my faux leather jacket and faux fur stole.

blogs_pics_095 blogs_pics_113blogs_pics_116What I’m wearing -

Valentino Bracelet c/o Harvey Nichols

Radley Watch c/o Joshua James

Shirt, Dress & Bag – Topshop

Jacket & Faux Fur Stole – Wallis

Boots c/o Quiz Clothing


Photos – Shooting Dave


Lake on the common…

January 17, 2015

amy_052amy_054amy_073I love this burgundy hat but boy is it cursed, the day I brought it (with Christmas stocking filler money) I showed Dave and there was a little pull in it and ever since its gotten even more pulls – I hate it when things like this happen! I’ve now come to terms with its scruffy-ness…
I also call this my wheres Wally (or Waldo ;-) ) look, what with the combination of the beanie hat and glasses.amy_060amy_071amy_042amy_057amy_055What I’m wearing -

Dress – Vintage

 Glasses c/o Scarlett of Soho

Jumper, Hat & Coat – Topshop

Shoes – Dr Martensamy_063amy_058amy_072amy_066Photos – Shooting Dave

Modern Military…

January 14, 2015

amy_012amy_021amy_029This modern military look was inspired by a mens wear editorial I saw in a free fashion magazine I was given. The look was styled with khaki green and army shirts worn with long trench style coats and tough ankle boots. For my version of the look I went with this sheer camouflage blouse and my gold clutch bag adding in soft feminine touches. My duster coat and skinny jeans cement the outfit and as a final touch my chain ankle boots to give it that little extra somethin’ somethin’.


What I’m wearing -

Jeans & Boots – Topshop

Duster Coat & Clutch Bag – Wallis

Shirt – Blanco
amy_041amy_031amy_038amy_036amy_015Photos – Shooting Dave

What’s in my bag?

January 11, 2015

whats_in_my_bag_03image-1I thought it would be fun to do an updated ‘what’s in my bag?’ post but with a twist. I’m working on a special collaboration and to help me back into the drawing swing of things I came up with this little post. Of course my new satchel had to be featured ;-) annnd yes all this fits into my bag!


- Glasses c/o Scarlett of Soho
– Cath Kidston oyster case
Suki iphone case c/o Case Hut
– Cambridge Satchel Co. bag
Urban Industry Herschel ipad case
– ipod
– Burt’s Bees lip balm
– Urban Outfitters purse

whats_in_my_bagAll illustrations by myself.


Check List…

January 8, 2015


How’s the new year treating ya’ll so far? Mines going rather swell, my day job is going well and I’ve got some exciting projects lined up for the blog – which I can’t wait to finish creating and share!

About this look – I’ve been wearing this Tallulah’s Threads dress a lot lately and it’s now on sale if you’d like it too ;-) – this time I styled it with a vintage blouse underneath and with my new-to-me hat. I picked up this hat from the voucher codes swap shop back in November, and as I’m still in the obsessed stage with my new Satchel there was only one bag I was going to use, plus it goes great with the colour pallet of the outfit!amy_blog_001amy_blog_013amy_blog_008 amy_blog_019

What I’m wearing –
Dress c/o Tallulah’s Threads
Blouse – Vintage
Hat – Voucher Codes Swap Shop
Bag – Cambridge Satchel
Coat - Topshop
Shoes – Dr Martens

amy_blog_010amy_blog_026amy_blog_025Photos – Shooting Dave

Double Plaid…

January 3, 2015


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!! I had a great time down at Dave’s parents but sadly I caught that horrid stomach bug and was out of it for two days – I was so ill I couldn’t travel back to London or go to work but I’m back in the big smoke and all is back to normal now!

We spent our New Years Eve with friends in a private pub lock-in, it was great fun and we spent New Years day recovering, doing lots of blog planning and going for a long walk. I wanted my outfit to be comfortable  and relaxed for our walk, I dug out this old vintage plaid shirt added my new blue jeans and for an extra touch I wore checked socks. The checked socks and beanie hat were cute stocking fillers from my Mother and my ever so pretty new Cambridge Satchel is from my Father. Oh how pretty it is!! I’ve wanted this bag for, oh about four years and now I have my hands on it eeek! I think it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing a lot more of it!

new_years_day_035new_years_day_013new_years_day_001new_years_day_014 new_years_day_015new_years_day_019new_years_day_018new_years_day_029new_years_day_023new_years_day_031

What I’m wearing -

CoatJeans, Hat & Socks – Topshop

Shirt – Vintage

Bag – Cambridge Satchel Co.

Brogues – River Island

Radley Watch c/o Joshua James

new_years_day_043new_years_day_047new_years_day_039Photos – Shooting Dave

A Year in outfits…

January 1, 2015

It’s that time of year again where I like to reflect on the outfits worn over the last twelve months, which looks have been your favorite?


pinafore_030 winter_walk_005February


no_parking_016 tartan1April

amy_068 blossom_018May

vibrant_park_013 blog_photos_019June



that_70s_dress_001 amy_blog_036August

amy_blog_039 golden_hour_03September

farmers_market_025 img_6651October

golden_park_024 in_the_woods_017November

tartan_coat_011 winter_walk_028December

Which month has been your favorite outfits?

I wanted to thank ya’ll for following my blog and all your comments over the past year and years, it really means a lot to me and I’m happy so many of you enjoy seeing my daily outfits and what I’ve been up to! I’ve got lots of ideas for the New Year and things I want to try out here on the blog. I look forward to new blogging adventures and if there is anything you’d like to see more of on here please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Photos – Shooting Dave


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